Supercooling Saves Money, Energy, and Wear on Your AC System

Have your energy bills climbed up lately? Do you notice your air conditioner continually turning on and off? If so, supercooling could be an excellent solution for your home. Supercooling involves the process of turning your thermostat down during off-peak electricity hours and back up during on-peak hours. For those looking for greater energy-efficiency and less wear and tear on their system, supercooling is a fantastic method.

Here in South Florida where we experience high summer temperatures, our AC units struggle to maintain a constant indoor temperature throughout the day, turning on and off frequently. Although that may not sound like a huge issue, the constant on-off cycle puts more strain on your system.

In fact, it’s healthier for your system to continuously run for hours and then shut down for a period — compared to turning on and off every 20 minutes. The key is to program your thermostat to drop the temperature during off-peak hours, then set it much higher during the day so it takes hours before your AC unit kicks on again. Supercooling leads to less work for your beloved air conditioner. The less your AC unit has to work (especially during on-peak hours), the more energy-efficient your home will be — which means more savings on energy costs.

More About the Benefits of Supercooling

Supercooling can transform your energy-consuming indoor climate into a cool, energy-saving paradise. Major benefits of supercooling your home:

  • Puts less wear and tear on your air conditioner
  • Adds years to the lifespan on your cooling system
  • Improves energy-efficiency
  • Helps save money on electricity costs

This smart, easy method for cooling your home can save you hundreds on your electricity bill over the course of a year and leads to a more comfortable indoor climate. When our AC units aren’t forced to work more than they have to, they will reward us over time. Less wear and tear on your system means it lasts for longer, which in turn means you can wait longer for a system replacement!

How to Supercool Your Home

Supercooling your home is an easy process, just follow these simple steps:

  • Find out your on-peak/off-peak electricity hours
  • Review your energy usage patterns
  • Ensure you have the best rate plan for your needs
  • Upgrade to a programmable thermostat (if you don’t have one)
  • Set your thermostat as low as possible during off-peak hours
  • Set your thermostat so your AC unit runs as little as possible on-peak
  • Enjoy a more energy-efficient home!
    • By following these simple steps, you’ll be supercooling like a pro! This process works best during the hottest months of the year, so stay in the habit of monitoring the weather. When the weather starts to cool off, you can phase out of supercooling for the winter, just remember to pick back up when the temperatures climb the next summer!

      Even when you’ve switched over to supercooling, don’t forget about the original energy saving strategy: opening your windows! When the nights are cool enough, turn off your air conditioner altogether and let in some natural air. The more time our cooling systems aren’t powered on, the more energy-efficiency your home will be!

      The most common complaint we hear about supercooling is that it can make your home uncomfortable during the day. If you spend time at home frequently during on-peak hours when you’ve set the thermostat higher, you indeed might feel your home is too hot. We want you to be comfortable in your home, so don’t be afraid to adjust your settings as the needs arise. Supercooling during off-peak hours will still tamp down on your cooling needs during the on-peak, you just might not be able to maximize your AC unit’s downtime as much if it’s too uncomfortable.

      East Coast Mechanical Can Help!

      Do you have more questions about supercooling? Not sure on the best temperature for your home? Then reach out to the cooling specialists at East Coast Mechanical! Since 1985, we’ve been serving Boynton Beach and surrounding areas with exceptional cooling solutions.

      If you need help setting your thermostat, or if you would like an energy assessment for your home, we are only a phone call away. Our experts will inspect your system and calculate your energy usage to give you the best recommendations on supercooling and other energy savings strategies. Contact us today for all your air conditioning related questions!

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