benefits financing ac system

Benefits of Financing an AC System

Having the right air conditioning system is essential when it comes to keeping a cool and comfortable home. However, like most machines you purchase, you get what you pay for! To get the best system out there with top-of-the-line features and energy-efficiency capabilities, expect it to be an investment.  However, most air conditioning contractors offer …

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supercooling benefits

Supercooling Saves Money, Energy, and Wear on Your AC System

Have your energy bills climbed up lately? Do you notice your air conditioner continually turning on and off? If so, supercooling could be an excellent solution for your home. Supercooling involves the process of turning your thermostat down during off-peak electricity hours and back up during on-peak hours. For those looking for greater energy-efficiency and …

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How to Reduce Energy Costs on Aging Air Conditioning Units

When it comes to the equipment we use for our homes, nothing compares to the importance of our air conditioners. When the blistering temperatures and scorching humidity levels arrive in Florida, our AC units save us from the unbearable weather. Each and every day our AC unit works hard to keep us comfortable means more …

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