Shortage of AC Units

Air conditioners have become even more important since the lockdown began because we are spending more time indoors. Unfortunately, getting yourself a new AC unit can be a challenge these days because there is an imbalance between supply and demand in the market.

Why Is There A Shortage of AC Units?

The shortage of AC units is an indirect effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the lockdown, people have no choice but to spend more time indoors. To support their comfort, they are relying increasingly on air conditioners. Many people with old AC units have decided to upgrade with new models. Not to mention the spiking requests for installations as well.

Unfortunately, the increasing demand does not come with a sufficient supply. Instead, manufacturers are struggling to keep their productions going. Many factories have had to shut down during the pandemic. Even raw materials are becoming difficult to collect. Once production resumes, costs will also see an increase. The distribution process is also a struggle with lockdowns everywhere.

Besides AC units, almost every other type of HVAC system fell victim to the phenomena as well. And it is not happening in the US alone, but in almost every country worldwide.

What Can We Do About It?

Although air conditioners are vital, there is no need to panic about the shortage of AC units because it is not a permanent thing. While waiting for the availability to get back to normal, there are several things we can do, such as:

1. Perform Check-Ups on Existing Units

Get a professional HVAC technician to run a total check-up on your existing AC unit. If it still works well, you might not need to buy a new one. Sometimes, a total tune-up can make an AC unit run optimally again like a brand-new unit.

2. Maintaining Them Properly

Do your best to take care of your existing AC unit. Know what you should and shouldn’t do so that your unit can last long and keep running at its best. Furthermore, don’t forget to conduct regular maintenance and cleaning.

3. Improving Natural Ventilation System

Installing proper windows and natural ventilation can reduce your need for artificial cooling. This fix is advisable even without a shortage of AC units because it is healthier for you, cheaper for your home, and more eco-friendly.

4. Invest in Plants

For a more satisfying result with natural cooling, plant some trees around your house. Aside from blocking the heat from the sun, they also regenerate carbons into oxygen. Thus, the air around your house will be cooler, cleaner, and fresher.

5. Preordering AC Units

If you need a new unit but your desired model is not available, try asking for some alternatives to consider. You can also ask the store if you can preorder the specific model you want. Not every store is willing to cater a preorder, however. Thus, you might need to check out multiple stores.

The supply of AC units should start going up again, because lockdowns are starting to loosen up. It shouldn’t be long before you can buy a new unit at a reasonable price again.

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