Service for Air Conditioners

For an air conditioning unit to be up and running for years to come, it is important to take care of it. Doing the job yourself can help you save money. However, you need the knowledge and the skills to get it done. Here some tips to service for air conditioners.

When is the best time to service your unit?

Once a year, the air conditioning unit must be serviced. According to experts, the best time of the year is spring. This is probably because the next season after spring is summer. If the unit is serviced during spring time, the air conditioning unit will efficiently run during hot summer months.

Why is maintenance important?

Maintaining the AC unit saves tons of money. The air conditioning unit harnesses dust and dirt all year long. It is important to check the unit once in a while. There could be tiny debris that can threaten the overall performance of the unit. The tiny debris can also harm the physical unit itself. Regular maintenance of the air conditioning unit can help regulate energy efficiency.

Do-It-Yourself Maintenance Servicing

There are simple ways that you can service your air conditioning unit. You do not need a technician to do the job every single time. On the other hand, having the help of a technician can help you save a couple of bucks.

Changing the air filter is one of the easiest things to do. All you have to do is to locate the filter slot, and replace the old filter with a new one. The filter needs to face out where the air flow goes. A manual for this comes in handy. Replacing air filters should be done every 90 days.

Spring cleaning comes next. Once the new filter goes in, there are other items that you have to check yourself. First, the indoor vents. They have to be cleaned. Second, a cup of water mixed with bleach should be poured down the drain. This prevents the accumulation of mold and algae. Third, the unit must:

● Be on an even surface
● Be free of any leaves that can clog up the drain
● Have a clearance of 2 feet around
● Have a sufficient amount of quality insulation wrapping the refrigerant lines

Lastly, you must do an assessment of your unit’s performance. Normally, a good as new, well-serviced air conditioning unit is up and running. There are no leakages in the ceiling, or sound generating from the unit. The air is cooler. If you notice a slight smell from the unit , it is normal. It is the unit’s way of eliminating remaining dust.

When is the right time to let the professionals service your AC?

If your unit generates a noise from the moment you turn it on, that is an indication to call in a professional. Another scenario is when there is no air blowing out of the unit. You don’t want to spend more bucks replacing your AC. Reaching out to your technician for help with these matters are appropriate.

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