Useful Information to Save on Your Air Conditioner Compressor Cost

The air conditioner compressor in your home is the device within the condenser unit. The AC compressor is the one that extracts heat from the refrigerant while raising the pressure of vapor through compression.

The AC compressor is the workhorse of your air conditioning system, and it needs to be in good working order for the system to function correctly. If your AC compressor is not working, it can cause the entire system to shut down.

When your AC compressor malfunctions, the entire air conditioning unit will fail to function correctly, knowing the air conditioner compressor cost is vital to prepare your budget better.

Why do AC compressors fail?

Living in an area with a warm climate can lead to your AC compressor doing a great deal of work to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. The top causes of AC compressor failure include:

  • AC compressor malfunction
  • A leak causes the refrigerant to escape, damaging the AC compressor
  • Grime and dust got stuck inside the AC compressor, causing the device to shut down

What to do when your air conditioner compressor breaks down

Before you consider replacing or buying a new air conditioner compressor, think that today’s going price is at least $1,500 for a brand new AC compressor. Further, your AC compressor may start working again after being repaired.

  • Replace the AC compressor: If your air conditioner compressor is still under warranty, take advantage of that by replacing it, paying only for labor costs.
  • Buy a new AC compressor: This is your option if your AC compressor is no longer under warranty and the costs for paying for the compressor and labor are too high.
  • Replace the condenser and evaporator coil: These two devices work together in a matched system. Therefore, replacing both is necessary for efficiency. Some manufacturers will void a warranty unless the compressor and evaporator unit is replaced.

When you replace both, the AC manufacturer may give you a new warranty on the AC system. You may even get rebates.

Further, replacing the condenser and evaporator coil together can lower installation costs, so you don’t have to pay for labor again in the future to return another.

Air Conditioner Compressor Cost Depending on Warranty

Whether to replace, buy, or repair your AC unit depends on whether or not you still have an active warranty for the entire system.

Under Warranty

Claim your air conditioner compressor if the air conditioning system is still under warranty. Please read the fine print to determine what is covered for the AC compressor.

Generally, labor costs are not covered by warranties. Further, extra replacement parts such as electrical wires, copper tubing, and filter dryers are also not coated.

However, the cost of the AC compressor itself should be covered by the warranty, either prorated or in full.

Labor fees range between $35 and $200 an hour, excluding extra parts. Get quotes from licensed HVAC repair companies beforehand.

No Longer Under Warranty

You will be responsible for the costs of the entire project, which may include a new AC compressor. Get quotes from HVAC repair companies if they supply brand new AC compressors. However, know that the prices will be marked up. So, you can save money by shopping for an AC compressor yourself, even online.

You can also save on your air conditioner compressor cost by shopping for the parts. However, you may not know exactly which parts to buy.



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