Five Air Conditioner Replacement Considerations

Most of the time, any breakage on your AC system can be solved. But at some point, the failure can be permanent. You might need air conditioner replacement, either just the parts or the whole unit. But how can you determine the times a repair can fix a malfunction and the time to let go of the old ones? Here are some tips to find out.

Review the Repairs

If the last repair job can make your system run well again, you wouldn’t need any replacement. On the other hand, if the repair results in lower performance, you may need a replacement. The same rule applies when your AC requires repair service too often. Those are signs that your unit has been wearing off. You need to let it go, or else you will waste a lot of money on useless repairs.

Check Your AC Efficiency

A 10-years-old AC unit may consume energy twice than a new one. But to be sure about that, you can ask a professional HVAC company to measure your AC’s current efficiency. This task can help you to see if your system is still running well or is already losing its prime performance. If your AC is too old or poorly maintained, there are chances of lower performance than it used to be.

Inspect the Ductwork Once Again

Sometimes, poor efficiency is not due to a flawed unit but a leakage on the ductwork. This case is pretty common in households. This kind of error can waste around 10-30% energy. If your AC’s efficiency calculation turns out low, make sure to get your ductwork checked first before getting an air conditioner replacement. Call a professional to have an assessment done and fix it immediately when any issues are found.

Consider the Benefits of the Latest Technology

Try comparing the new AC unit specifications and features you eye for with the old one you have in the house. Sometimes, upgrading your AC with the latest technology can bring a significant result. Knowing the benefits may help you see whether the air conditioner replacement would be worth the money or not. That is why replacing an old AC can result in a significant difference.

Get a Calculation for the Size

If you decide to replace the whole AC unit, make sure to buy the right size. Ask your HVAC technician to do the calculation and buy a unit with that exact size. Otherwise, the air conditioner replacement will not bring as much benefit as you expect.

Without proper handling and regular maintenance, your system will be prone to breakage and failure. That means you will likely need an air conditioner replacement sooner than expected. But even if you take good care of your AC, it is better to have the budget prepared, so you wouldn’t need to panic in case of a breakdown.

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