How to Make Your HVAC System More Efficient Before Summer

Most homeowners are unaware that they are losing cool air and money. Don’t be like most homeowners! If you pay attention to your air conditioner system, you will save money, have greater comfort and ease of mind over the long haul. Live in comfort all year long, no matter your climate.

HVAC Improvements

The average Boynton Beach homeowner knows generally about HVAC systems, but does nothing other than manipulate the thermostat for personal comfort. If you learn these few simple tricks and apply them daily, you and your loved ones will have comfort throughout the year.

First of all, where is your thermostat? Is it in a centrally located room? Do you have multiple thermostats? Is there a vent blowing heat or cool air in the direction of the thermostat? Does the room with the thermostat received heat from the sun? These are massively important regulators of the overall climate of the living space.

Pay Attention to the Sun

If the sun naturally heats the room with the thermostat, pay attention to how often the HVAC unit turns on or off. In the winter, a room with much sunlight tends to heat faster. This will make the rest of the house colder as the thermostat is satisfied. In this instance, turn the thermostat higher than normal. This will keep other spaces comfortable. Another trick is to partially or completely close air vents near the thermostat. This enables the HVAC system to run for a longer period of time before meeting the temperature requirements and shutting off. The same trick works in the warmer months of the year.

Improve Your Evening Routine

During the evening, take two minutes and do a walk-through of your home. Close vents to rooms that are not occupied in the evening. Open the vents in the bedrooms. This forces either heat or air-conditioning into the rooms where people are sleeping. Close vents and doors to empty rooms. This process will take less than two minutes in the evening. Remember to reverse the airflow vents in the morning for day comfort.

Routed heat or air-conditioning has a greater capacity to fill a room with your desired comfort. Once the room has reached your desired comfort level, you will likely need to regulate your thermostat in the direction of money savings. If you spend a few days learning your venting system and comfort levels, you will be on your way to saving big!

Are you taking full advantage of energy saving options for your Boynton Beach, FL home? Call East Coast Mechanical Services at (561) 586-3739 to make your system more efficient!

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