One Room too Hot, the Other too Cold?

How to Keep the Temperature Consistent from Room to Room

Numerous Delray Beach homeowners experience problems with uneven heating or cooling. This is more likely to happen in a long, narrow house or a building with multiple stories. Room temperature differences tend to become more noticeable during the summer and winter months. The good news is that you can find several ways to address this problem and achieve more consistent temperatures.

Zoned Systems

One solution is to retrofit an existing HVAC system or install new equipment with zoned thermostats. This means that separate thermostats will control the heating and/or cooling registers in different portions of your home. By measuring the temperatures in each zone, the system compensates for differences in shading or sun exposure.

Second System

Another option is to purchase a second, completely separate heating or cooling system. It will only serve the portion of your home that tends to deviate from the main thermostat setting. A less costly alternative is to install a split ductless heat pump or central air conditioner. These units feature separate thermostats in every room of the house.

Sealing Leaks

Many homes have drafty doors, windows and other components. This can lead to higher or lower temperatures in certain rooms along the outer walls. Consider hiring a professional to thoroughly seal these cracks and gaps. This will also protect your home from pests. Additionally, thick curtains may be necessary to maintain consistent heat levels in rooms with numerous windows.

Fan Switch

A simple and sometimes effective solution involves looking for a switch on your thermostat. If your system has this control, it should be labeled “fan.” Move it to the “on” position. This will continuously activate a fan that enhances air circulation. It may help you evenly heat or cool rooms far away from the HVAC equipment.

Duct Problems

If your HVAC system uses ducts, air flow problems could prevent enough hot or cold air from reaching certain rooms. Ask a contractor to examine your ductwork. Your ducts may need sealing or cleaning to maximize their efficiency. The vents that release air into separate rooms could require cleaning or repair as well.

It’s also possible that your system isn’t powerful enough to consistently heat or cool the entire house. The best course of action depends on several factors, such as your home’s exposure to sunlight and the types of equipment you currently own. Be sure to talk to a knowledgeable HVAC professional who can help you identify the right steps to take for your Delray Beach home.

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