Is the Air Conditioner Service Near Me a Scam

Almost every home has an air conditioning system. So, when the time comes to search for an air conditioner service nearby, no one wants to work with a scammer. With that in mind, it is wise to know how air conditioner service scammers rip off their customers.

Forcing you to install a new air conditioning system

While it is good to get advice from an air conditioner service technician about the latest in air conditioning systems, no true technician will force any new system on you. A con artist may use fancy technical terms or tell you that leak or loud noise means you need a new air conditioner because your current one can’t be fixed.

air conditioner service near me FAQs

More AC than you need

An air conditioner service scammer will find a way to overcharge customers by installing an oversized air conditioning unit. An oversized unit will be more expensive, and you will surely need repeat air conditioner services, which can be costly.

Failing to fix or misdiagnosing the issue

One trick an air conditioner service scammer will use is to say a replacement part will “take some time to get up and running.” It is a red flag if the part does not function right away. If this is the case, the issue has either not been fixed, or it has been misdiagnosed. This is a common scam. The air conditioner should start functioning properly again immediately after the repair is done.

Pretending to inspect the unit

If you receive an unexpected phone call from an air conditioner service nearby asking to inspect your air conditioning system, this is likely a scam. It is normal for a service to conduct an inspection after you have called them, but if they are the ones who call you, that is suspicious. They could be burglars who are pretending to be technicians. Check your facts and ask for their IDs, names, company phone number, and web address.

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Pretending to be with a well-known air conditioner service in the area

Some con artists will approach homeowners pretending to be representatives of well-known HVAC companies. They may try to schedule a tune-up or service call.

Replacing parts with used parts

You know an air conditioner service company is a scam if they give you used parts instead of fully functional new parts. Don’t accept used parts as they could come from a damaged unit.

Asking for upfront payment

When agreeing to an HVAC service, don’t pay cash up front. Even if they say they will give you a discount for paying up front or that it is the company policy, don’t fall for it. A reputable service company will first assess the AC problems, offer a written estimate, and then fix the issues completely before accepting payment.

Avoiding HVAC service scams

The first and foremost consideration is to do your research. Be sure that you check the Google listings and get recommendations from family and friends. When they arrive at your home, check their uniforms and vehicle as well.



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