Can Air Conditioning Make You Cough

To most people, a simple cough is just a cough. It’s never been  a big  deal. Nowadays, a cough could be linked to the deadly coronavirus. As a result, people are making a habit of staying away from others with a cough out of  fear that they might carry the virus. People at home are not safe either.

Households owning air conditioning units are at risk too. Owners are complaining about air conditioning units as a contributing factor of cough development. But can your air conditioning actually make you cough?

What causes a cough?

A cough is generally not something that people should fear. This is because coughing is a natural reaction of the body to get rid of the pollutants and other irritants that have no place inside the lungs and/or any part of the respiratory system. The most common cause of cough is an initial trigger from pollutants, virus, allergic reactions, and acid reflux. As irritating as it may seem,  it is the body’s natural response against uninvited pollutants.

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But what about air conditioners? Can they contribute to coughing?

The answer is yes. Air conditioners can potentially make people cough. This is because allergens, dirt, and other irritants are circulating within the enclosed space. People can inhale them anytime and  trigger the respiratory system.

Another possibility is the fact that air conditioners eradicate humidity and replace it with cool air. This cool air released from the air conditioning unit is not damp, but is dry. Dry air is the prime suspect for cough development. This dry cold air is the cause of dry cough, or cough-variant asthma among air conditioner owners.

If this is the case, what should be done then?

There are plausible measures that people can take. One is by setting the temperature at a sensible amount of coldness. Extremely cold temperatures can increase the risk of cough-variant asthma. If you have a smart thermostat, even better. You can adjust the amount of humidity within the room while enjoying the desirable temperature.

Another measure you can take is  utilizing a humidifier. Others may seem to be hesitant about humidifiers because they don’t not seem to provide a long-term solution. But humidifiers do work. For households that do not have smart thermostats, a humidifier will suffice. It will replenish the humidity that has been lost due to the presence of cold air. Turn on the humidifier, and you can  enjoy a less cough-triggering environment at home.

Lastly, people should do a weekly cleaning of their air conditioning unit. In this way,  build-up of allergens, moss, irritants, fungi, and other microscopic particles can be  lessened. This can also help your air conditioning unit to be more efficient and can run for longer periods.

In these trying times, a simple cough is no longer simple. It reverts back to the invisible enemy that everyone across the globe is having a hard time eradicating. Even in our own homes, no one is safe.



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