Is It Worth It to Repair Small Appliances?

The more expensive an appliance, the easier it is to decide whether to replace or repair it when broken. Hence, the dilemma lies in small, inexpensive appliances. Will the repair cost be worth it? Or is it better to just toss it away and buy a brand new unit? Here are some things to consider:

Brand and Warranty

Premium brands are expected to be highly durable and have a longer lifespan. Hence, their appliances are more likely to be fixable when broken. You can contact the manufacturer for repair services. Sometimes these items even come with a lifetime warranty.

Even if your appliance is not from an expensive brand, it is still worth a shot to contact the manufacturer. They may have a paid service available for a small appliance repair. At the very least, they might be able to give you a troubleshooting guide before you hire professional help.

Age and Lifespan

In general, older appliances are less worth repairing. As a rule of thumb, your appliance should be at less than 50% of its expected lifespan for you to consider repairing it. You can perform a Google search or call the product manufacturer to find out how long your appliance’s life expectancy is.

Troubled Parts

If the broken parts are vital, then it might be better to replace the whole thing. Sometimes the replacement part might not be able to return the appliance to its best performance. You can consider repairing if the problematic parts are minor or non-vital.

Cost to Replace or Repair Small Appliances

Repairing with original parts will cost more than repairing your appliance using parts from generic brands. But besides comparing those two options, you also need to check how much it would cost to buy a new appliance. Now, take all of the previously mentioned factors into account to determine the best option.

Each case is unique. Thus, you should take all of the factors mentioned above into consideration before you decide whether to replace or repair your appliance.

Here are some examples of cases when repairs may be worth it (while also considering other factors as discussed before):

  • The light indicator doesn’t work on a rice cooker, microwave, coffee maker, etc.
  • The door or cover is jammed on your oven, microwave, rice cooker, or electric kettle.
  • The touchpad doesn’t work on an appliance
  • Poor thermostat performance — struggles to regulate temperature
  • Some parts in an appliance are loose, but the machine still works

Meanwhile, if you are experiencing these types of problems, it might be better to consider a total replacement:

  • The machine doesn’t work, even after you have checked the power
  • The appliance causes an electrical fault, such as breaker trips or short-circuit
  • Strange loud noises when using the appliance
  • Unit keeps overheating during operation
  • The appliance emits a foul burning smell when operating
  • Your food and beverages inexplicably turn bad in the oven, microwave, rice cooker, or chiller

Expensive repairs should be able to bring your appliance back to its normal state. It should also make the item last as long as originally expected. When in doubt, contact a professional technician to see if small appliance repair makes more sense than replacing it.



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