Change Central Air Conditioner Filter

Central air conditioning units are by far the biggest type of air conditioning unit. Capable of cooling an entire building, this is also the most efficient air conditioning unit for establishments like malls. Due to its might and ability, even some homes on the West Coast are now investing in central ACs. If you regularly experience hot temperatures in the summer, central ACs can help alleviate your suffering from the heat.

Despite the benefits that ACs offer, they all share the same requirement in order to run efficiently: changing their filters. With some air conditioners, like window units, it is easier to clean and change filters. Since central ACs are by far the biggest, changing filters from time to time can be more difficult, but it is equally important.

But Why Change Filters?

Air conditioning units can help maintain cleaner air within an indoor space, and filters are responsible for this. Without them, the safety of your indoor air will be the same as that of outdoor air. This is not safe. Filters trap and eliminate allergens, microbes, and other microscopic particles within your indoor space. With coronavirus lurking all over the world, if you can, change central air conditioner filter will work wonders for peace of mind.

In order to help your unit maintain clean indoor air, changing filters from time to time is necessary. This is because dirty filters will most likely circulate the same air over and over again, carrying the same microbes that could be detrimental to your health. 

How to Change Central Air Conditioner Filter

Just like any other air conditioning unit, changing the filters of a central air conditioning unit is also manageable. You do not need to call for professional help to do the job.

  1. For starters, turn off the unit.
  2. The next thing you need to do is to remove the access panel. Inside the access panel is the filter.
  3. Take the filter out and replace it.
  4. There is a specific way to replace the filter. The way you do it is to make sure that the arrow is facing the direction in which the air flows. If it is reversed, it will not work.
  5. Close the panel and turn on the unit.

Benefits of changing filters

The filter is responsible for keeping your indoor air clean, and changing it from time to time means keeping the air clean from time to time too.

One of the benefits of changing filters from time to time is preventing the buildup of dirt and other microbes within the filter. This can weaken the filtering prowess of the unit. Without enough air passing through the filter and the filter not doing its job efficiently, you might not be getting the most out of it.

In addition, changing the filters can reduce the risk of health-related concerns such as allergic rhinitis, common colds, etc. Moreover, changing filters can help the unit stay up and running for as long as possible. This will keep the unit running like new and allow you to enjoy the unit as much as possible.



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