Improperly Sized HVAC System

When it comes to HVAC systems, size does matter. It is crucial to be specific with the calculation to ensure the most effective and efficient operation. Otherwise, you might face one or a few of the following problems caused by an improperly sized HVAC system.

1.   Over-Consumption of Energy

A bigger unit generally consumes more energy. So, using an oversized HVAC unit means you will consume more energy than you need. Not only will that make your monthly bill unnecessarily high, but it also means you will produce a larger carbon footprint by polluting the Earth more.

2.   Insufficient Cooling and Heating

Having an undersized unit may lead to lower energy bills due to lower energy consumption. Unfortunately, it also produces a lower volume of heating and cooling, which may be insufficient to cool or heat your room. The resulting discomfort will likely force you to set your AC lower in the summer and your heat higher in the winter. Of course, this action requires more energy consumption. Therefore, an undersized HVAC system will not actually result in lower energy bills.

3.   Uneven and Fluctuating Temperature

Meanwhile, an oversized unit produces more heating and cooling than needed. The excess will cause an uneven distribution of treated air into the room. Some spots will feel colder or warmer than usual. Sometimes, the temperature may fluctuate when you are using an oversized system.

4.   More Frequent Breakage Due to Wear and Tear

Frequent breakage is one of the most common problems caused by improperly sized HVAC units. It is such a big expense that you can easily avoid from the beginning.

Since you are forcing your undersized system to work harder, the extra burden will cause the machine to overheat. If this continues, your whole unit will incur more wear and tear.

A similar situation may happen with an oversized HVAC unit for a different reason. With a bigger capacity than needed, your system doesn’t need to run its full cycle to reach the desired room temperature. The job gets done more quickly, so the unit will turn off before finishing its cycle. Yet not long after, it should turn on again to redo the cycle.

Short cycling is bad because it forces the system to run its cycles more often every day. Thus, the machine will also suffer more wear and tear due to that extra burden.

5.   Improperly Sized HVAC System = Shorter Lifespan

Even worse than constantly needing repairs, an improperly sized HVAC system may also break down sooner than expected. This will be even more likely if you keep forcing your system to run harder than it needs to.

Problems caused by an improperly sized HVAC system are long-lasting. There is no quick fix for it other than replacing your whole system with a new unit. Thus, it is critical to make sure you buy the right sized HVAC unit before installing it on your property. Calculating the right size is easy. Any HVAC professional or supplier can help you with that without needing much time.



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