Central Air Conditioner Prices

Of all the types of air conditioning systems, centralized ones are the most expensive. Thus, you need to browse your options carefully before deciding what type of new unit to buy, especially because central air conditioner prices vary widely based on multiple factors.

Central Air Conditioner Prices By Brand

Two units with similar specifications can come at different prices if they are from different brands. More premium brands usually offer products with greater durability and better after-sale services. Therefore, it is better to get products from medium-tier and upper-echelon brands.

Medium-tier brands include Rheem, Amana, Ruud, York, and Bryant. But if you want to invest more, there are premium brands like Lennox, Trane, Carrier, and American Standard.

The prices mentioned above are for a single brand-new unit. Consider that the standard efficiency is around SEER 14-18, and the size can range from 2 to 4 tons.

Air Conditioner Prices By Efficiency Rating

Efficiency rating shows how much you can save in the long run by consuming less energy. This factor is crucial to consider so you can choose a unit within your budget.

Experts recommend no less than 13 SEER. But, the best units usually come in at around 16-18 SEER. The record for highest efficiency rating is held by a Lennox product with a 26 SEER.

Air Conditioning Prices By Size

Generally, the larger the unit coverage, the more expensive the unit will be. Most residential buildings only need around 2.5 to 4 tons of AC unit.

Per Parts and Possible Additional Costs

If you are installing a brand-new system on your property, there might be other items you need to include as well. And, if you are just replacing one or two parts, then you might need to be aware of the a la carte prices as well.

Although expensive, central air conditioner prices are a worthy long-term investment if you choose the right unit for your property. Not only will it serve the whole building optimally, but it also will have a longer lifespan than any other type of AC.



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