HVAC Lease

Leasing is an option for some homeowners and business investors who cannot afford an expensive HVAC system. However, an HVAC lease binds you into a contract. Typically, a leasing program is a long-term contract that incurs high interest rates. Fortunately, there are companies that lease HVAC units for affordable prices. But the downfall of an HVAC lease, especially if it is not a rent-to-own contract, is that you will never get to own the unit even after leasing it for 10 years.

Whether to purchase an HVAC system for your home or office or lease one instead is probably the biggest question you have on your mind today. Continue reading to understand more about the HVAC lease and if it’s the best option for you.


HVAC Lease is Possible

HVAC leasing is indeed possible. All you need to do is to determine which program is right for your needs and budget. But before you apply for one, it is important to understand that leasing an HVAC is different from renting one to own in the future.


  • No or low upfront costs – After the HVAC unit is installed, you need to pay the monthly charges but not the upfront cost.
  • Free repairs and maintenance costs – The monthly cost of leasing an HVAC system usually includes the cost of repairs and maintenance. If it breaks down and needs replacement, the company replaces it.
  • Transferable HVAC lease – There is no need to break or end an HVAC lease if you are moving to a new home or commercial space. Most leasing companies will transfer the lease to your new location.


  • Locked contract – The contract usually lasts for 10 to 15 years, but there are companies that lease HVAC systems for up to 17 or 20 years.
  • Higher monthly interest rate – The interest rate is much higher than the rate offered in bank financing.
  • No ownership – Even after paying monthly for the lease, the ownership of the unit remains with the company.
  • No added value to home – The HVAC system does not add value to the property. In the case of property sale, the owner has to reduce the value of the house whether the lease is transferred to a new home or terminated.

Questions that Need Answers Regarding HVAC Lease

  • Is the contract valid?
  • How long will the contract last?
  • How much are the monthly charges?
  • What is the interest rate per annum/month?
  • Is it lease only or rent-to-own?
  • Who shoulders the cost of repairs and maintenance service?
  • Who pays for a replacement?
  • Is there an annual fee for maintenance?
  • Can you buy out the contract later on?

Leasing an HVAC system is probably the best option you can get. To make the most out of the contract, always check the details and inspect the charges. Know your rights, as well as your obligations to the company, to avoid penalties and unnecessary expenses. As long as everything is clear, the HVAC lease will leave you free of worries.



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