How Can I Lower My Electric Bill?

Ever ask the yourself “how can I lower my electric bill?”. Many people don’t realize that their houses consume more electricity than they need. There is no need to sacrifice your family’s comfort to save money on your monthly bill. Here are some tips that could significantly lower your electric bill without any major inconvenience.

1. Improve Insulation

The biggest energy user in most households is the HVAC system. Both heating and cooling can drain significantly more energy when there is a leak in the system. To prevent this from happening, make sure that your home is insulated well. Fix any leaks and inefficiencies, or upgrade to a higher-quality system, if possible. Also, make sure to close all the doors and windows while your heating or cooling system is running. Many people underestimate the effectiveness of this one small action.

2. Cold Water for Washing

Delivering hot water requires a large amount of energy. By switching your laundry to cold water, you can effectively lower your electric bill for the month. If this option is not possible, you can opt for warm water instead. However, using cold water alone can cut your energy consumption in half.

3. Use Your Dryer Smartly

Dry your laundry naturally, if possible. But if you need to use your dryer machine, try to use a lower temperature. Even if it will take longer to dry your laundry, this trick will still consume less energy than quick-drying your laundry on maximum heat. Using dryer balls will also help to reduce the energy consumption of the system.

4. Pay Attention to the Lamps

Always turn off the lights in rooms or areas nobody is currently occupying. At the very least, you can keep on a dim light if you dislike a total blackout. Switching your conventional light bulbs to LED lamps will also help you lower your electric bill. LED lamps are much more efficient and produce less heat than traditional bulbs.

5. Use Heat-Generating Appliances at Night

The temperature is already hotter during the day than at night. Adding “extra heat” from cooking, baking, or ironing will only push your AC unit to work harder. Meanwhile, during the winter, using those heat-generating appliances at night will reduce the workload of your heating system. Of course, some people may find it difficult to move their daily activities to the nighttime. Therefore, try to do this whenever possible.

6. Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to tune your AC more precisely. That allows the system to be more efficient in its energy usage. For example, when you leave the house in the summer, you can lower the temperature instead of cooling off an empty house. You can also make different settings for day and night to avoid wasting energy while everyone is sleeping.

It may require some effort to build new habits in how you treat your electrical systems. But eventually, you will get used to it. And once you notice the decrease in your monthly bill, you will be even more motivated to do better. Over time, you will be able to lower your electric bill even more.

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