Central Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

There are several types of central heating and air conditioning heating systems in the market, and sometimes people tend to take them for granted. People depend on air conditioners to cool them during summer whilst expecting their heating systems to keep them warm during winter.
When certain issues arise, and the house is cold during winter or hot during summer, there is a need to call for a professional service. However, there are simple ways on how you can cut unnecessary expenses by performing simple and quick maintenance tasks by yourself.


The process of “cooling” the air starts when the evaporator absorbs warm air and transfers it into the refrigerant. The transfer enables the refrigerant to “cool” the air. As the air inside your home begins to cool down, the heat absorbed by the refrigerant is transferred outside the home.
Central air conditioning systems can last for approximately 12 to 15 years when regular maintenance is performed. Make sure your cooling system is running at its maximum capacity by following these simple steps:

• Check for Duct Leakage
Water leakage is the first sign of a malfunctioning system. Avoid this by regularly checking hose connections for any signs of leaks or cracks, and make sure the condensate tube can drain without obstruction.
● Change the Filter
It is already a well-known maintenance trick to change the filter every 4 to 6 weeks. Dust easily accumulates on this part of the system and minimizes the system’s ability to provide the home with clean air.
● Avoid Blocking the Compressor
Blocked compressors prevent air from flowing freely into the room, consequently failing to cool the home. Furthermore, a blocked compressor may cause overheating.


Central heating systems are typically located in a home’s basement or garage and come in the form of a furnace. Heating systems can run on either oil or gas (as fuel) or a hybrid system that can use both fuel types.
Below are a few steps to ensure your heater or furnace runs properly:

● Test the Heater
Before the start of winter, check if the heater system is running or functioning properly. If you do not feel any warm air coming through the vents, contact a certified technician to fix it for you.
● Change the Filters
Make sure to always change the furnace filters every year. Dirty filters cause the unit to run less efficiently and present a risk of a possible breakdown.
● Check the Pilot Light

If you have a natural gas system, make sure that the flame is always clear blue. Having a yellow or orange flame can be a sign of a problem.

Remember, no matter how confident you are with your skills, certain problems should only be handled by certified technicians. HVAC contractors regularly handle these problems and can thoroughly check your central heating and air conditioning system.
Ensure that your system will run effectively for the entirety of the summer and winter season by performing regular checks and hiring licensed technicians for complex maintenance. With proper care, your cooling and heating system should last as long as it is supposed to.

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