Home UV Light Disinfection

Sales of home UV light disinfection devices are rising since the outbreak of coronavirus. Also known as UV germicidal lamps, these devices are notable for their ability to kill microorganisms. But can they be effective to use as a home disinfectant, especially to kill coronavirus in your house?

How UV Light Kills Viruses

There are three spectrums of UV lights: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. Of these three, UV-C is the one proven effective to kill pathogens (viruses and bacteria). With its short wavelength, the spectrum can penetrate to cells and destroy them. For coronavirus, the radiation effectively breaks the envelopes of the viruses and turn them inactive. Unfortunately, the effect may also harm human cells.

Recent studies have found a new type of UV called Far-UV. The spectrum uses a different wavelength from UV-C but is just as strong at disinfecting microorganisms. And the best thing is, the light is not able to penetrate human skin, making it safer to apply in household or office settings.

Choosing a Home UV Light Disinfection Device for Your House

Having a UV light disinfection device in your house can be highly beneficial. This is because it makes sanitizing easier, and the device also makes it possible for you to clean without liquids. Things like electronic gadgets and books are impossible to sanitize with soap and water or alcohol gel. Instead, you can hold them under a UV lamp for a while to sanitize them.

To help you make the right decision when shopping for a UV light disinfection device, here are some important factors to consider:

1 – UV Type

The far-UV light is the best of all the spectrums because it is the most efficient and safest. However, if one of these devices is too expensive, you can opt for a UV-C one. Do not buy devices with UV-A or UV-B because those are not effective to use as disinfectants. If you buy a UV-C device, make sure to never let it radiate any part of your body.

2 – Device Form

Using UV light technology for sanitizing purposes is nothing new, as it has been widely used to clean air, water, and things. It is easy to find many forms of UV light sterilizers, such as water bottles, light sticks, light bulbs, or sanitization boxes. Determine what items you are going to use the device for, and pick the form that is most convenient for that purpose.

3 – Power

The effectiveness of UV light disinfection depends on its strength and the duration of exposure. The higher the power, the less time it takes to finish its job. But since higher power usually comes with a higher price, you might need to find the optimal balance between budget and quality.

A home UV disinfection device can help prevent your family from getting COVID-19 and other health issues. But to make it effective in protecting your house against viruses and bacteria, make sure you pick the right device and know how to utilize it.

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