Common Washing Machine Repair Problems

Imagine this: The sun is bright, and it is a good day to do laundry. As you are using your washing machine, you notice that something is off about your washing machine.. Your clothes are not clean as you expected. The water did not drain. Or it drained, but it did not spin.  Essentially, your washing machine gave up. It’s prime days are over. Should you call it quits too? No.

The performance of appliances, like the washing machine for example, degrade over time. Instead of buying a new one or calling an expert to repair it, there are simple ways to repair your washing machine that only require simple tools.  The most common issues that you can address yourself are:

1.     The machine does not start.

This is the most common problem of washing machines. You turn it on and it does not start. After checking to see if  the machine is plugged in and the circuit breaker connecting to the washer is on, and it still does not start, try checking the front loader. The lid switch strike of the front loader might be causing the problem. Close the lid and it should connect to the part of the door.

2.     The clothes are not cleaned well.

Another problem is having   poorly cleaned clothes after a full cycle. There are ways to prevent this. One, overloading is discouraged. This is to give detergent and water ample space to clean your clothes. Two, do not put too much detergent. Excessive detergent may not effectively pull out dirt. And three, do not mix pet related laundry.

3.     The machine does not spin.

The water is drained but the washer does not spin. One of the causes might be an imbalanced machine. Check to see if its balance is off, and adjust  its legs if necessary.  Another way is to even out the clothing within the tub. Redistributing the clothing inside the tub can help get the machine to spin again.

4.     Loud noises.

Washing machines do not make noise when used. But if they do, you know how annoying it can be. If left unsolved, it can lead to other issues. To eliminate the noise, check the tub bearings. It may be that  the tub bearings need to be replaced or  lubricated. Other than that, call an expert.

5.     The machine is filled with water but does not drain.

This problem can be the most troublesome. One of the most common reasons is a clogged fabric or anything big enough to clog the machine pump. To solve this, remove the screws on the front panel. Carefully tilt the machine up and prop the front. Once the machine pump is visible, untwist the clog from the machine pump using pliers.

These are, by far, the most common problems owners may encounter with their washing machines. Always take note, simple problems require simple solutions. Complicated problems require expert solutions.



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