Air Conditioner Service Repair

It is normal to have problems with your air conditioner once in a while. Most of the time, AC problems are easily fixable. You typically won’t need to get rid of the whole unit and buy a brand new one. However, in some cases, replacing your AC unit makes more sense than repairing it.

Is it worth it to repair your AC unit? The answer depends on several factors discussed below. Make sure to consider all of this before deciding whether to repair or replace your AC unit.

1.   Age and Life Expectancy

A repair is simply not worth it if your AC unit is already old. In this case, the unit will likely break again, or even completely stop working, soon enough. Repairs are ideal for AC units that are less than halfway to the end of their life expectancy.

2.   Costs

The lower the cost of repairs, the more likely you should be to accept them. Generally, if the repair costs more than half the price of a new unit, then it is better to just buy a total replacement instead. Of course, this rule only applies if you are using original items for any part replacements needed.


3.   Troubled Parts

Vital parts like motors and condensers can be expensive to repair. And even after the repairs, they will probably not perform as well as they used to. Hence, in this case, it is better to get a total unit replacement. However, if you just need to fix a clogged drain line or other minor repairs, buying a whole new unit is not financially wise.

4.   Brands

Products from high-tier brands are less prone to breakage. Thus, an air conditioner service repair might fix the issue with low chances of it breaking down again in the future. You can even consult their service center to get your AC unit repaired under their care. On the contrary, you can’t expect much from most products from low-tier brands.

5.   Parts Availability

Sometimes, a broken AC unit may need one or two parts replaced to fix the issues. If this happens, make sure to use only original parts to maintain the unit’s overall quality. The problem is that original parts are not always readily available. They may also be very expensive.

6.   The Service Company

Not all HVAC companies perform quality work. While some can help you save a lot with a high-quality air conditioner service repair, some are nothing but scams. When deciding to fix your AC unit, make sure the company you hire has both the competency and reputation to do the job well.

7.   Warranty

A warranty from an air conditioner service repair company means they are responsible and confident in the quality they bring. Without a warranty, it will be a gamble because you won’t know if the repair service will resolve the issue. If the company does offer a warranty, make sure to read the terms and conditions comprehensively to avoid falling into empty promises.

An air conditioner service repair can either be a big money saver or a huge waste of money, depending on the situation. Thus, it is necessary to be careful when making this decision.



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