Central Air System

The central air system is quite popular in the US. But just because many people are keen on it, doesn’t mean the system will benefit you as well. To determine whether the central air system is suitable for your house, take a look at the pros and cons below:

Pro: Overall System

One installation of a central air system can cover both cooling and heating. The air conditioning system will work throughout the summer, while the furnace will keep your family warm during the winter. Both can use the same ductwork as you won’t need them to operate at the same time. You can also use the installation to enhance air circulation and the filtration system.

Con: Takes Space

You need to allocate a space in your house to place the machine unit. This space needs to be secluded so that the unit will not be visible and ruin your house’s aesthetic. It is also important to remember that there is also an outdoor unit, which you need to place outside the structure. Therefore, a central air system might not be suitable for small houses, especially if they don’t have yards.

Pro: Thorough and Even

The central air system pushes the heated or chilled air to every area of the house, so you don’t need to install a separate system in each room. All rooms will be at the same temperature, because the blower will make sure there is even air distribution. This system is the most reliable for constant family comfort.

Con: Higher Cost

Be prepared to spend extra money if you plan to use the central air system for heating and cooling your house. The unit price, and the installation cost, is quite expensive, especially if your house doesn’t have a ductwork system ready.  Moreover, the operational cost is also high  because it consumes more energy than any other air heating and cooling system.

Pro: Better Air Quality

A central air system allows you to install a better air filtration system. Hence, you can improve the air quality of your house without investing in a separate purifying system. Experts recommend installing UV light inside the ductwork as well as HEPA filters. This combination will significantly reduce particulate matter and pathogens. Any other cooling and heating system will not be able to support such an effective air filtration system.

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Con: Maintenance

Due to its complex technology, regular maintenance of your central air system will take more effort. Poor maintenance will lead to higher energy bills, poor performance, and even shorter lifespan of the machine. You can always hire a professional to deal with it, but even hiring them will cost a little more.

Moreover, ductwork is prone to mold, which can be big trouble if you don’t settle the issue early. If the pros are truly beneficial for your family, and you can  anticipate the cons, then the central air system will be a good choice for your home HVAC system. The next thing you should do is  get it installed correctly to maximize the benefits.



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