Can Air Conditioning Make You Sick

Air conditioners are one of the greatest inventions man has ever produced. Through air conditioners, we no longer need to suffer through hot summers and blistering cold winters. With just a few adjustments to the thermostat, your desired indoor temperature can be achieved. Despite this benefit of air conditioners, a dreaded question arises. Can air conditioning make you sick?

Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but this claim has some truth to it. ACs may sometimes be a factor in respiratory conditions. The term “air conditioner sickness” refers to when cold air from the appliance collides with microscopic organisms like fungi, bacteria, and mildew. Whether we like it or not, air conditioning units are great breeding places for these microscopic organisms. If the unit does not get cleaned regularly, these organisms multiply. And if these organisms multiply, there is a great chance that they will circulate throughout the home, making more people sick.

But don’t be afraid, because there are ways to help decrease the chances of getting air conditioning sickness. We may not be able to eliminate all microorganisms lurking in our homes, but these methods can go a long way toward decreasing their numbers.

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1. Vacuuming

Vacuuming has long been a fundamental part of American household cleaning. Instead of spending a lot of time and effort manually sweeping the floor, vacuuming helps instantaneously. Sweeping is not enough because it can push allergens and other microscopic organisms to other spaces, putting the cleanliness of the entire floor in question. With vacuuming, one can ensure that all forms of microscopic organisms are depleted down to a minimal level.

2. Try having a minimalist space

Minimalism is more than a trend or style; it is a helpful tool for reducing sickness and improving cleanliness. To decrease your chances of getting air conditioner sickness, resorting to a minimalist lifestyle may be best. This means having less clutter and more open spaces. Clutter helps allergens and other microscopic organisms multiply and thrive. With less clutter, cleaning becomes way easier.

3. Cleaning the unit

As mentioned, the air conditioning unit itself is a breeding ground for microorganisms. The dirtier the unit, the higher the chances of people getting air conditioning sickness. However, the only solution to this is to clean the unit regularly and diligently. This will not only help keep the people in the house healthy, but it will also keep the unit up and running efficiently.

4. Tone down your air conditioning usage

Toning down your air conditioning usage means setting your thermostat to the right temperature. Extreme temperatures can cause headaches and other health problems. It is recommended to have a smart thermostat at home so you can easily regulate the indoor temperature.

Despite the wonders of air conditioning units, there are still health risks if you are reckless and unmindful of the things we inflict on ourselves unconsciously. Air conditioner sickness is only one of these possibilities. However, remember these tips to help avoid these health problems in the future.



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