Maintaining Your Central Air Conditioning Unit

Summer is probably one of the best reasons to turn up your central air conditioning unit to its full capacity. The issue is knowing how to maintain the AC. You’ve decided not to call on the help of a professional. So now what should you do?

Keeping your air-conditioning unit well maintained can help you save money, energy, and can extend the shelf life of the appliance. Tending to the unit is like maintaining a plant. To keep on living, it needs attention. Here are some things you need to do to keep it running well:

1. Understanding how the unit works

The central conditioning unit of your AC works like a refrigerator, but larger. Knowing how the AC works can give you hints as to which parts of the unit you should and should not touch.

2. Taking maintenance into consideration

Just like plants, AC needs attention too. This includes regular maintenance. Considering maintenance can help your unit to live longer. The longer the AC works, the more money you save.

3. Turning off the AC

In maintaining the air-conditioning unit, you must first turn off the unit. Turning off the unit can help you guard against electrocution. To know if you have turned off the unit, test the thermostat. If the temperature adjusts, the unit is not successfully turned off.

4. Cleaning the AC

After turning off the unit, it is time to clean it. The unit is comprised of different parts, which require different methods of cleaning. Here are some steps to cleaning your AC:

● To remove debris such as dirt, cobwebs, and leaves, remove the fan cage by loosening the fasteners with a screw driver or wrench. Carefully lift the cage and collect the debris by hand or with the aid of a vacuum.
● To clean the fins, use a hose with a gentle flow of water. Splash the water inside and through the fins to clean built-up dirt beneath. Using a pressure washer can deteriorate the fins. In case the fins cannot be drifted by water, a cleaning spray will do the trick.
● Straightening the fins is important and can help with the efficiency of the unit. With the use of a butter knife, gently straighten any inconsistent fin.
● Cleaning the area is necessary. This keeps the unit from becoming dirty again. Cover the unit while cleaning the area. Residue might be able to get into the unit again.
● Leveling the AC means making sure the unit is settled on an even surface. An unsettled air-conditioning unit can lead to early failure of the compressor.
● The evaporator coil has to be cleaned. Remove the door of the evaporator coil and dust it off using a gentle brush.
● To avoid a flooded ceiling, you must also clean the evaporator drain. But first, locate where the drain line is. It is usually an inch thick. Once located, follow it through. Remove the filter of the wet/dry vacuum. Turn on the vacuum and let it run for about 2 to 3 minutes. This will collect all living matter in the drain.
● Change the blower filter twice a year. This keeps your air clean.
● Put all of the pieces back together and turn the unit on.

If you still have doubts about doing the job yourself, it is best to contact an expert. If you want to spend less, doing it yourself is a no-brainer. Plus, you will learn the secrets of how to keep your central air conditioning unit clean. A healthy unit is a good unit.

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