Central AC System — Is It the Right Choice for You?

A central AC system is a popular choice, and some people assume that they should buy one as well. However, don’t follow the hype blindly. Check out these pros and the cons first to determine whether it is the right choice for your property.

Advantages of a Central AC System

Of course, you will need to see what benefits the central AC system may bring. Decide how much you need these advantages based on your current situation and requirements.

Even Distribution

Ductwork will deliver the conditioned air more evenly to every room in the house. Hence, your family can roam around without feeling any temperature difference from room to room. If you want ultimate comfort on your property, this system is the best choice.


Even lower-tier central air conditioners can last up to 20 years. Other types of AC units cannot last this long. The more you pay and the higher the quality of the unit, the longer it will likely last, especially if you perform the proper maintenance every six months.

Better Home Aesthetics

AC units on the ceiling, wall, or even standing in the middle of the room are not aesthetically pleasing. You won’t have to worry about any of this if you choose a central air conditioning system because the unit will be hidden somewhere.

Integration with Furnace

The ductwork installation used to distribute the air throughout the house is also used to distribute the warm air from the furnace. Both heating and cooling systems can work in turns throughout the year. According to experts, combining both of these centralized HVAC systems can improve initial cost efficiency.

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Disadvantages of a Central AC System

Nothing is perfect. Just like any other AC system, a central installation also has its drawbacks. Here are some things you need to be aware of before buying this type of air conditioning system:

High Cost

The initial cost of a central AC system is significantly higher than other systems due to its complexity. Before deciding to buy a unit, it might be better to get an estimate first and see if the money is worth the benefits.

Takes up Space

The unit is large, so you need to allocate some space for both the indoor and outdoor units. Not to mention there also needs to be enough space around the unit for people to maintain or repair it when necessary. This is why this type of system is not recommended for small houses.

Possible Energy Waste

A central system provides cool air for all the rooms in the house, even empty ones. This makes sense if you often move from one room to another. However, it can be a waste of energy if it is working to cool down empty rooms that nobody even visits.

Choosing an air conditioner unit is not easy because there is no universal best option. It all depends on the specific property and its air conditioning requirements. However, most houses in the US use central AC systems for cooling their living spaces, along with a furnace for heating purposes.



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