Should the AC Unit Drip Pan Have Water in It?

When it comes to AC units, water is crucial. However, it could be a problem if it appears in places where it should not be. If there is a problem, you must address it right away before it leads to bigger problems. So, the question is, is an AC drip pan one of those places …

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clean air conditioner coils

How to Clean Air Conditioner Coils

The cleanliness of the coils determines the performance of your AC. If clean, the machine can run efficiently as the air can flow smoothly. In the long run, always keeping your coils clean may also prolong the life of your AC. Coil cleaning is a crucial part of AC maintenance. Over time, coils can become …

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what causes air conditioning lines to freeze

AC Lines Freezing? Here Are Some Ideas

Although AC is supposed to send cool air into the room, there shouldn’t be any ice in the system. But sometimes, we find AC lines that are covered in ice. Why are your AC lines freezing, and what should you do to fix it? There are two basic reasons why your AC may be frozen: …

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why do I feel hot in an air conditioned room?

Why Do I Feel Hot in an Air-Conditioned Room?

You expect to feel cooler pretty quickly when you turn on your AC. But do you ever turn your AC on and still feel hot? Well, there are many potential causes. Something must be wrong when your AC isn’t cooling you down; what to check if you feel hot in an air-conditioned room. There are …

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AC Unit Starts Blowing Warm Air

AC Unit Starts Blowing Warm Air

The last thing anyone needs in the middle of another sweltering hot summer is to lose their air conditioning. If your AC unit starts blowing out warm air, you may start to panic. You don’t want to pay for expensive repairs, and you know that repair rates will be really high in the summer, when …

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Prepare your HVAC

Prepare Your HVAC System Before a Vacation

The holiday season is coming up, and your family is all ready to go on vacation. You might be thinking of completely shutting down your HVAC system since nobody will be in the house anyway. This trick might indeed reduce your electricity bill this month. But that is not a good idea for the future. …

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AC Blowing Warm Air

5 Things to Stop Your AC Blowing Warm Air

Sometimes your is AC blowing warm air instead of cold, refreshing air. It’s so frustrating, especially when it happens on a hot summer day. But how is that even possible? Here are five possible answers. Wrong Thermostat Setting The most simple possible cause for a central air conditioner blowing hot or warm air is the thermostat …

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Does Your AC Blow Colder Air on Hot Days

Does Your AC Unit Blow Colder Air on Hot Days?

When it is too hot outside, most of us prefer to stay indoors, turn our air conditioner on, and relax. Right when we step out the door, we can clearly notice the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures. Is this because our AC blows colder air on hot days? Or is it just our …

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prolong the life of your AC unit

How to Prolong the Life of Your AC Unit

Many times, air conditioner damage is caused by the negligence and recklessness of the owner. If well taken care of, an AC unit should last 10-15 years before you notice a major performance decrease or permanent damage that is beyond repair. How should you take care of your AC unit to make it last longer? …

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Get Your AC Unit Ready for Hurricane Season

AC Unit Preparation for Hurricane Season in Florida

From late summer to mid-autumn, you can expect to deal with at least one or two hurricanes per year in South Florida. Up until then, and perhaps even sporadically throughout the season, you were likely enjoying the cool, comforting breeze of an air conditioning unit. Air conditioning can be a blessing during the heat and …

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