The Complete Home Checklist for HVAC Maintenance

You are probably aware of how important it is to have your regular HVAC maintenance. It can guarantee the best comfort, the most efficient performance, and a long-lasting machine. However, many people are unsure what you need to do to maintain your HVAC system. So here is a complete checklist to live by.

The General Checklist

This general checklist includes everything you need to do for your yearly or twice-yearly HVAC maintenance. These services are important for any season.

1 – Air Filter Replacement

Dust buildup on your air filter can block the airflow, leading to inefficiency. It will also reduce your indoor air quality as it will blow some dust back into the room. Therefore, air filter replacement might be the most important thing to take care of during regular HVAC maintenance.

2 – Thermostat Updates

If you are still using a conventional thermostat, it is time to consider upgrading to a digital one. A digital thermostat allows you to program a more specific ideal temperature setting. If you already have a digital thermostat, you must ensure it works properly and reaches the temperature you set. In addition, a good thermostat can significantly decrease your monthly bill by preventing your system from overworking.

3 – Lubrication

Lubrication is required on any moving parts on your HVAC system to allow them to run smoothly. Friction between running parts can cause disturbing noises and consume more energy. In addition, they will be more prone to early breakage.

4 – Condensate Drain Examination

Sludge and grime might accumulate in your condensate drains. This causes clogging, which may lead to water damage. Your technician needs to clean the drain and make sure it works properly. If any issues are found, your technician should inform you right away and propose a plan to fix them.

5 – Ductwork Cleaning and Inspection

Your ductwork can have mold or dirt. This will not only affect the system’s efficiency but can also lead to leaks. Therefore, it is important to have your HVAC technician perform a general ductwork inspection every year to ensure it is clean. If there are any signs of a leak, ensure the problem is resolved immediately before something worse occurs.

6 – Outdoor Unit Cleanup

Just because it is out of sight does not mean you can ignore it. There should be no obstruction around your outdoor unit, or your system will fail to be efficient. For example, leaves, twigs, and other debris might block the airflow. You need to clean these things up and ensure the area around your outdoor unit is clear.

7 – Electrical Connection Checkup

Make sure all the connections are tight and secure. Also, check the current and voltage. Any problems with the electrical connection may cause a short circuit that can instantly damage important parts of your HVAC system.

8 – General System Inspection

The last thing your technician should do during your regular HVAC maintenance service checks your system’s cycle. See if it starts, runs, and shuts down without any abnormalities. If you experience issues in your daily HVAC use, inform your technicians so they can figure out the problem.

The Cooling Checklist

Your cooling system will take on a big load during summer. So if your HVAC maintenance is happening when summer is about to begin, ask your technician to pay more attention to your cooling system. Besides the general checklist, these are some other things you must check out:

1 – Coils

Both the evaporator and condenser coils must be clean to run more efficiently. Keeping the coils clean may also prolong their lifespan. Although this job sounds easy, it is better to let professionals do it.

2 – Refrigerant Level

Low refrigerant levels can prevent your AC from chilling your indoor air. This might be a big problem during the summer. On the other hand, too much refrigerant is a waste of energy.

3 – Blower

Your technician should clean the blower components and re-adjust them. This will help maintain proper airflow in sync with clean air filters that you change regularly.

The Heating Checklist

Unlike the cooling system, your heating system will have big loads during winter. So here are some additional things your technician should pay attention to when doing your regular HVAC maintenance before winter:

1 – Gas Pressure

Checking the gas pressure is the easiest way to see if there are any leaks. Gas is highly combustible. Therefore, preventing gas leaks is necessary to prevent any dangerous accidents.

2 – Burner Combustion

Your burner needs to stay clean, and its components are fragile, so this task needs to be done by professionals. However, if you regularly change your air filter, your burner shouldn’t have any problems with cleanliness.

3 – Heat Exchanger

Your technician needs to look for a crack in a heat exchanger. Although it seems like a minor issue, a crack on your heat exchanger increases the risk of a fatal accident. Even if nothing dangerous ever happens, such a crack can cause inefficiency in your HVAC system.

When to Have Your HVAC Maintenance

The most crucial times for your HVAC system are during the summer and winter. On hot summer days, your cooling system must be in prime condition. Meanwhile, your heating system is vital on chilly winter days. However, hiring professional technicians during those times might be difficult and costly because they tend to be busy during those peak seasons.

Experts recommend having your HVAC maintenance service a few weeks before the season begins. Hiring technicians will be cheaper and easier, but this will also allow your HVAC system to run smoothly from day one of the season.



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