Air Conditioning Installers

Air conditioning installation is not as simple as it seems. Although the job may seem easy, it has some complexities in the process. Improper execution may lead to troubles in the future. That is why it is important to choose the right air conditioning installers to get the job done well. To ensure proper AC installation, here are some important details your HVAC contractor should have:

1. License

Every HVAC company requires a license to operate. The purpose is to prove its eligibility and understanding of the regulation. This paperwork also gives you a legal standing if there is an issue that emerges from the contract. Unlicensed AC installers are usually cheaper, but hiring them may not always be the wisest decision. When it comes to quality, you get exactly what you pay for.

2. Insurance

The company needs to have liability insurance to cover possible damages to your property. It also needs to have proper medical insurance for their staff, especially the technicians who perform the installations, just in case an accident happens during the project.

3. No Subcontractors

It is best to avoid a company that hires a third party as their air conditioning installer. The HVAC service you hire should have a team that is managed directly under the company. Or else, you risk communication issues with the company and its subcontractors. Even if you take the case to the court, it can be a time-consuming process trying to reach a solution. You want to avoid confusion at all costs.

4. Informative

A reliable HVAC company will educate you about the installation process. They might even recommend a few things that are suitable to your needs. Avoid a company that offers you an expensive installation and rushes you to sign the contract. They are only after big, easy money.

5. Warranty

Only trustworthy companies offer a warranty for their installation services. Different companies usually have different policies. The better their skill, the more confident they are in offering an extended warranty and extensive coverage. Review the warranty options of each company you’re considering hiring.

6. Communicative

Proper communication between a contractor and a client is vital. You don’t want a company that will not be there when you need immediate service. After installation, there are some instances where your AC may develop problems. You need your AC installer to be on-call anytime you need to claim your warranty, or receive any other maintenance related to the appliance.

7. Competitive Price

HVAC technicians charge per hour. Consequently, a little tariff difference between two contractors might result in a significant number on the bill. Although it is important to consider the price of their services, it is not advisable to settle for the cheapest one. What you need to consider is whether the quality they produce is worth the money you spend.

All of these points mentioned above are equally important when choosing air conditioning installers. It is not solely to guarantee that your AC is properly mounted and operating, but also to make sure your money is well spent.

ECM Service – Air Conditioning Installers

ECM Air Conditioning, with its headquarters located in Boynton Beach, FL, provides air conditioning services within Palm Beach County, Broward County, Martin County, and St. Lucie County. If you’re having issues with your HVAC system, we’re on-call and ready to assist you with your air conditioning needs. So if you’re in need of an HVAC Contractor, don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule an air conditioning service call diagnostic! Our HVAC experts will diagnose any issues that may be occurring with your HVAC system and help to repair your AC issue on the spot.

Best of all, because ECM is the largest HVAC company in South Florida our local warehouse facility that is 69,000 SQFT houses over $1 million in inventory and fully stocks our 127 vehicles on the road, making us one of the very few AC service companies capable of repairing most issues right on the spot. That means no waiting and no downtime without air conditioning for you & your family in the blistering Florida heat!

Call us at 561-295-1763 or contact our HVAC team online.

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