How Does AC Maintenance Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Pollutant Removal

On a hot summer day, your AC can feel like a blessing as it circulates cool air around your home. However, if you haven’t properly maintained your AC, then that air could contain pollutants and toxins. When dust accumulates in the filters and ducts of your AC unit, dust and pollution levels rise inside your home. Technicians at East Coast Mechanical can inspect the filters in your AC unit and even install a separate air filtration system to minimize the concentration of pollutants.

Mold Reduction

Mold grows freely in the absence of regular AC maintenance. In Boynton Beach, FL, heat often comes with humidity. Maintenance technicians can make sure that condensation is draining properly from an AC unit. The evaporator coils and drain pans are magnets for excess moisture and mold growth if they’re not inspected and cleaned regularly. Schedule filter cleaning and replacement in the spring because clogged filters impede air flow. This could lead to mold growth in the less ventilated areas of your home. Mold spores reduce air quality, but AC maintenance eradicates mold growth while improving air quality. Untreated mold problems can lead to respiratory distress and allergies. You may have mold in your air conditioning system if you smell a musty odor while the AC is running.

Dangerous Refrigerant Leak Prevention

In some cases, failing to maintain your AC can have catastrophic effects on your health. Many AC units, especially older models, rely on the circulation of a refrigerant called Freon. Freon leaks are somewhat rare in closed-circuit AC units, but they can occur. You may have a Freon leak if you’re experiencing increased humidity indoors even though the air conditioning is on. Other signs include reduced AC cooling capacity and the onset of headaches and skin irritation among members of the household. Refrigerant leaks can be extremely dangerous as the chemicals release chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), lead to chronic bronchitis and cause permanent damage to your cooling system. Through annual maintenance checks, a professional can monitor your air conditioner for any potential refrigerant leaks.

Effective Cooling

The most obvious pitfall of having a malfunctioning AC during a steamy Florida summer is that your interior can get hot and muggy quickly. If you have elderly relatives or infants living in your home, keep your AC system maintained. Emergency repair services are always a possibility, but you don’t want to put yourself and your loved ones in the position of having to suffer heat stroke or fainting when temperatures rise above 100 degrees. Getting ahead of potential malfunctions with annual tune-ups is always a better option.

Clean and Fresh Air Quality

An AC maintenance program includes a thorough cleaning of the ducts, filters and fan blades. Even if your AC is working properly, it’s a household appliance like any other than needs to be cleaned for effective use. You’ll feel a marked difference in air quality when your professionals remove dirt and dust buildup from the fan blades, swap out clogged filters and vacuum the ducts. Your AC system’s manual probably provides guidelines for AC maintenance, but certified professional technicians can maintain the unit more effectively and efficiently.

East Coast Mechanical is a leading provider of AC maintenance services in Boynton Beach. We also provide electrical, plumbing and appliance repair work. To learn more about options to keep the air quality in your home fresh and safe, call us today.

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