Why Is My Dryer Not Drying Clothes?

Who doesn’t love the sensation of taking warm, dry clothes out of the dryer? Thus, it’s very disappointing when you open up your dryer door to find that your clothes are still all wet. There are several possible reasons for this. Here are some of the most common ones:

Power Supply Problem

If your machine is not heating at all, then the first thing you should check is the power supply. Maybe it just got unplugged from the outlet or you forgot to hit the power button? If this is the first time you are using the machine, you can check the voltage. Does your power supply meet the required specifications?

Dirty Lint Filter

Ideally, you should clean the lint filter after every load to eliminate all of the detergent residue and other contaminants. Otherwise, the residue will block the airflow from the drum and clothes won’t be optimally dried. The lint filter is usually located on the top of your machine or inside the door. Look it up to find out where it is on your particular machine. If it is dirty, clean it up with a nylon brush, hot water, and liquid detergent. In the future, make sure you clean it regularly after every load.

Obscured Vent Ducting

Take a look at the vent ducting of your dryer. Are there any crinkles, twists, crushes, or kinks? These will block the hot air flow out of the machine. The most ideal ducting system is one that goes straight. But if you need to have elbows, make them as sloped as possible.

Don’t forget that the vent also needs to be cleaned at least once a year. Otherwise, lint will build up in it and block the airflow. If you have not cleaned your vents this year, try looking it up now.

The Load

Measure the weight per load. Is it under the limit? Every machine has maximum capacity and weight recommendations to ensure that moisture is removed from the clothes. Check to make sure that your loads are under those limits. With an overloaded drum, there will not be enough room for the moisture. Instead of leaving the drum through the vent, the moisture will move from one piece of clothing to another.

Drying Mode

Your machine has multiple drying modes. There’s a chance that you are not using the right mode for your clothes. Or you may be mixing different kinds of clothing in the same load. For example, a heavy pair of jeans should be dried separately from your lacy lingerie. The “gentle mode” is not enough to dry your denim pants. But mixing everything up and hitting the “heavy mode” button won’t solve it either. Sorting your clothes and using the right mode for each group is a must if you want to dry them properly.


When your dryer is not drying your clothes properly, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy a new dryer. In many cases, it is just a matter of improper maintenance. There may be an easy fix, and your dryer will be good as new. If you are still unsure why your clothes aren’t drying, call a professional for further inspection.

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