When is Hurricane Season in Florida?

According to the National Hurricane Center, Florida has the most hurricanes. This is mostly due to its location. Hence, citizens must be aware every year and prepare themselves for possible storms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. So when is hurricane season in Florida?

What to Anticipate

There are two types of hurricane seasons in the US. One happens in the Atlantic basin, while the other occurs in the Eastern Pacific. Because Florida sits on the coast facing the Atlantic Ocean, it is the Atlantic hurricane season that Floridians have to anticipate.

The official start of this hurricane season is June 1, and it ends on November 30. The season’s peak is usually around mid-August to the end of October. This period is when most storms are likely to occur. However, sometimes the storms happen outside of that timeframe.

Actual Occurrences So Far

This year, we saw tropical storm Ana emerge on May 22 around Bermuda, nine days too early. This is the seventh time we’ve witnessed a first-named storm occur before the official start of the hurricane season. Fortunately, tropical storm Ana faded out quickly before creating any major damage. What Floridians should be concerned about is Hurricane Elsa. It is the first hurricane to form this season.

In case you didn’t know, the naming system of storms is in alphabetical order. Therefore, Ana refers to the first storm, while Elsa is the fifth this season. Indeed, the names Ana and Elsa coincidently resemble that of the famous sisters in Disney’s hit movie, Frozen.

Hurricane Elsa is highly worrisome because the fifth named storm usually appears around August. Yet this year, Elsa is coming early as of July. This is even earlier than last year’s Edouard, which occurred on July 6.

What to Expect Until the End of the Hurricane Season in Florida

Hurricane Elsa is still gaining momentum today. Scientists predict it will eventually hit Florida pretty soon. However, this hurricane is not the only one to anticipate.

The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration) predicted there would be around 13-20 named storms this season. Six to ten will turn into hurricanes, with anywhere between three to six slated to be Category 3 or higher. And with Ana and Elsa arriving earlier than expected, there is a high likelihood of more storms occurring until the end of the season.

Last year was a record-breaking hurricane season. There were 30 named storms and, 13 hurricanes, 6 major hurricanes. Scientists have predicted that this year will not be as busy as last year. Still, keep an ear out for the weather updates regularly to stay alert.

People who have lived in Florida understand the risks they must anticipate. If you are a new resident of the state or have plans to visit during hurricane season, educate yourself so that you are best prepared. Make a plan to stay safe and alert through updates from local authorities.

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