What You Need to Know About an Air Scrubber

When we think of scrubbers, we think of dirt removers that help make sure everything is clean and dirt-free. People often use scrubbers to clean their bodies or surfaces within their home. But what about air? Is there such thing as an air scrubber? Well, yes. Air scrubbers are just like other scrubbers that people use, except they clean air. They wipe out dirt, microbes, and any other impurities, ensuring the air is clean.

Why did air scrubbers come about?

The answer is simple: air pollution. Air pollution does not only affect the outside environment. The problem of air pollution is worse than we think because it even infiltrates our own homes. That is where air scrubbers come in. If you think either indoor or outdoor air is automatically safe, you are probably living in the 1920s. Air nowadays is no longer safe, and machines like air scrubbers are beneficial to the environment, both outside and in our homes.

How do they work?

An air scrubber utilizes a filter to eradicate harmful microbes within an enclosed space. Through an hourly interval, air scrubbers replace contaminated air with fresh, chemical-free air. The filtration starts when the filters suck in large particles and remove them from the enclosed space. This aids air flow, making it more manageable. Lastly, the smallest particles get filtered. Air scrubbers are installed in the existing ductwork of a house. There is no need for maintenance because you only have to set it and let it do its work.

Are they the same as air purifiers?

Air scrubbers and air purifiers are not entirely the same. However, the goal of both products is to ensure that the circulating air within an enclosed space is clean and safe, and both are installed in existing ductwork. The difference comes down to how both devices work.

Air purifiers carry out the filtration process within the device. They retrieve harmful particles and eradicate them as soon as they get to the device. The air gets recirculated as it leaves the device and goes into the ductwork. Air scrubbers, on the other hand, also involve filtration. However, one advantage air scrubbers have over air purifiers is the fact that they produce negative ions.

The negative ions from the air scrubbers will eradicate the particles that were not filtered by the scrubber. These particles are found on hard surfaces. The ions will attach themselves to these particles, eliminating them in the process. Air purifiers do not have this kind of feature because they only eliminate airborne particles.

Can an air scrubber help in the fight against COVID-19?

Although the best way to fight COVID-19 is through vaccination, observing social distancing measures, and wearing face masks, having air scrubbers at home will help increase your safety indoors. Air scrubbers are not applicable for outdoor utility but work best at home. Air scrubbers can help keep surfaces free from harmful particles, which is especially important in homes where children and elderly people are present.

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