What Is Electrostatic Spraying & Why We Need It?

Disinfecting at a Distance

Out of all the disinfecting methods, electrostatic spraying might be the most efficient method for commercial facilities. Spraying for one second can effectively clean large surfaces, including hard-to-reach spots like corners and twists. Let’s get to know more about this practical technology.

What Is Electrostatic Spraying?

Electrostatic spraying refers to a technology of cleaning objects or areas from a certain distance by spraying the disinfectant agent with electrostatic power. Mixed with air and atomized by the electrodes inside the spraying tool, the disinfectant agent is a lot more active than it is on a regular sprayer. It can aim for wider coverage and even reach areas people usually miss with manual cleaning. The cleaning agent will perfectly coat every surface it lands on and kill all the germs in it.

This technology is not entirely new. Since the 1960s, people have been using electrostatic spray as a pesticide in agriculture, to paint vehicles in the automotive industry, and more. However, it was not until recently that people started using it for disinfection.

The electrostatic disinfectant is great for cleaning commercial facilities, anywhere with a high risk of contamination, or any public place. It is now common to see people using the sprayer in schools, hospitals, offices, and even on playgrounds.


One unit of electrostatic sprayer is not cheap. But it can be a valuable investment for your company or facility because of all the benefits it may bring, such as:

  1. Significantly Save Time and Energy

Imagine how much time it may take for a person to clean up one classroom in a school. That person also needs to wipe all the chairs, desks, and every little thing on it. With an electrostatic sprayer, it may take a few minutes to get this done.

  1. Avoid Chemical Overuse

With an electrostatic sprayer, you will use a little less disinfectant agent than you would with manual cleaning. This is because you just need a droplet of the solution for every bit of each surface. Since you are using fewer chemicals, you don’t need to worry so much about the residue.

  1. Eliminating the Risk of Virus Spread

Due to its practicality, you can disinfect your facilities more often. It is effective in lowering the possibility of virus spreading. By preventing more people from getting sick, you can also save your company’s reputation and medical budget.

Types of Units

There are several types of electrostatic sprayers on the market. They mostly vary by power source and sprayer model. Some units use batteries and some have cords for electricity. Battery-powered units might seem to be easier to use, but they won’t be as powerful as electric ones.

And as for the sprayer model, you can choose either the rolling cart unit, handheld sprayer, or the backpack sprayer. There are no significant differences between these three in terms of functionality. It is merely a matter of practicality.

We can’t be sure which parts of our facilities contain the most germs and viruses. You need to keep it clean all the time, but you can’t let your cleaning staff occupy the room for too long. That is why an electrostatic spray is a solution you should look for.

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