Unhealthy Air Quality: What Should You Do?

When the air starts to smell funny, you usually open up a new air freshener, right? People will only recognize that there may be something wrong with the air when something starts to smell. However, science has proven that a majority of airborne toxins are odorless. Here is what you should do if you suspect that you have unhealthy air quality:

Set a Routine for Cleaning

Create a schedule of when to clean different parts of your house and stick to it. Dust and pet dander are major contributors to worsening unhealthy air quality. Keeping the house clean reduces your exposure to these allergens and will prevent the spread of them inside your house. It is also a lot better to clean one or two small spaces at a time than to clean your whole house all at once.

Choose More Natural Disinfectants

Many commercially available disinfectants contain chemicals that are unhealthy for your family and pets, especially when inhaled. It is better to look for disinfectants that are made of more natural ingredients. You may also create one with ingredients you already have at home. The internet is full of solutions that you can try.

Keep Plants Outdoors

It is true that some plants can help improve the air quality inside your home, since they release oxygen. However, these plants can also collect and aid the growth of mold. Therefore, if you do choose to have houseplants, make sure not to have too many of them.

Allow Fresh Air to Enter

Sometimes, your air quality may be unhealthy simply because the same bad air has been circulating inside your home all day long. Remember to open your windows from time to time to allow fresh air to come into the house. Just make sure that your windows are not facing any source of smoke or polluted air.

Pay Attention to Your HVAC

At least once a month, make sure to change the filters in your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and cooling) system. Although the filter helps you trap dust and pathogens in the air, they can be released back into the air, defeating the purpose. Luckily, these filters are sold in bulk, so it is best to buy them in advance and keep them somewhere visible but not distracting, so you will remember to change the filters every few months or so.

Other than that, your HVAC should be inspected by a professional technician regularly. They are able to check whether your HVAC is functioning well, or if it has any parts that need to be repaired or replaced. Remember, if your HVAC is not in a good condition, then your air will not be good either.

Once you begin following these tips, your indoor air quality should become drastically better. And it doesn’t end with you and your family being able to breathe cleaner and fresher air. You will also feel more relaxed and stress-free inside your own home. You can improve your family’s health just by following these few tips.

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