Types of Air Conditioning Units

In 2019 alone, homeowners across the U.S. spent around $11 billion to power their air conditioning units. With such a high cost, you should become familiar with the different types of air conditioning units so you can choose one that is suitable for you. To help you make the best choice, here is a list of each type of air conditioning system along with its benefits and drawbacks:

1. Window Air Conditioners ($100-$800)

Window air conditioners are convenient for cooling a single room or a studio apartment. All the components are enclosed in a single box and mounted on the window with a thermostat gauge. They are less costly to purchase and install, which is perfect for small houses or apartments.

Nevertheless, they need to be close to a suitable electrical outlet to operate. Due to its placement on a window, the AC unit is visible from the exterior of the house and obscures your view through the window. Some models might also be noisier than other types of AC units.


2. Portable Air Conditioning ($200-$800)

A portable AC unit is the best choice if you need something you can use in different rooms at different times. They are small and lightweight as well. Portable AC units might be the most practical of all the types of air conditioning units. Unfortunately, they are ineffective for rooms that are larger than 500 square feet. Also, you need to move the air pipe and set it up again each time you move the unit to another room.

3. Wall-mounted AC Units ($300-$1,000)

For rooms without accessible windows, a wall-mounted AC unit is a feasible option. However, the installation of this unit requires poking a hole in the wall for the air pipe. Aside from that, this air conditioning system is more energy-efficient due to its airtight seal. You need professional help to get your wall-mounted AC unit installed for more efficient performance and longer lifespan. 

4. Split-system Ductless Air Conditioners ($500-$5,000)

These are called split-system air conditioners because they consist of two or more components. One of the components is a condenser unit located outdoors. The other is a small, nice-looking compact blower unit that is mounted on a wall. This AC unit can cool different rooms at different temperatures, does not require ductwork, has a lower installation cost, has extremely high energy efficiency, and has a ranging capacity.

5. Central Air Conditioners ($4,000-$80,000)

A central AC system uses an outdoor unit as a powerhouse, along with a ductwork system to cool the entire house evenly. As central air conditioners cool the air throughout the house, some humidity is also removed. One downside of central air is that it uses a lot of energy. It also requires well-designed and correctly sized ductwork to dispense cooled air efficiently throughout the home. Due to its complexity, the installation is costly. You will also need a licensed technician to get the job done.

Choosing an AC unit is not about determining which unit is the best on the market. It is about identifying the system that suits your situation and requirements the most. There are many things you need to take into consideration, such as budget, size, and how much you need to run your AC unit.



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