With the hot summer months quickly approaching. ECM would like to give you some tips for replacing your air conditioner.

Most homeowners are under the false impression that all contractors are created equal and that no matter who installs the air conditioning system the results will be the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. In order for your new air conditioner to function at the specified SEER rating it must be installed to meet the manufacturers specifications and the installation should be modeled to meet the Energy Star program. A new air conditioning system must be properly designed and engineered in order to achieve maximum performance. The size of the supply and return duct work are critical to the operation of your new air conditioner.

Below are some tips that should be considered before choosing a contractor

1. Find a reputable contractor.Keep in mind that the lowest bidder could
cost you money over time – a better installation can easily leave you more
comfortable and paying lower energy bills. The contractor is your best source
of information on what will work for your particular home and climate.

2. Once you pick a contractor, ask them how you can lower your energy
bills. Your contractor should evaluate your home to determine your needs and
diagnose any current efficiency or comfort problems.

3. Look for rebates. There are Federal tax incentives on certain types of units, and utilities and state energy efficiency programs often have direct cash incentives for more efficient equipment. A reputable contractor will know all of your rebate options as well as fill out and submit all the necessary forms for you to get the maximum amount of savings

4. Once your new equipment is installed, set up a service contract. A new HVAC system is an expensive investment, like a car, and about a third of your energy bills each year depends on how well it’s working. Like a car, it needs maintenance to stay efficient.

If you would like more information on replacing your A/C, please call the ECM offices at 561-585-9850 and we would be glad to set up a FREE estimate for you.

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