Tips to Extend the Life Expectancy of Your AC System

Air conditioning systems are an expensive investment, especially here in Florida. With an endless string of hot summer days and warm weather almost all year, an air conditioner becomes the most important piece of a Florida home. But as your AC system takes a beating day after, extreme wear and tear is the norm and you must do all you can to maintain your system and its life expectancy.
With all the money invested in your air conditioner, especially if you own a high-end, energy efficient model, the last thing you need is a massive breakdown that shortens your systems life. Fortunately, we have some easy to follow tips that will help protect your investment and extend the lifespan of your AC system.

Don’t Overuse Your System

A mistake made by many homeowners is extreme use their air conditioner. Keeping your home at the perfect temperature 100% of time is wonderful, but too much use of your unit at certain times can result in more wear and tear.
During an extreme heat wave, most of us leave the temperature cranked down to its usual level, but you don’t want to overdo it. Our air conditioners experience their hardest operating conditions during the highest temperatures. Running your system hard during these times can lead to breakdowns.
Instead of really cranking down the thermostat, try wearing light clothing and using fans as much as possible while raising the temperature a few degrees. Just like you avoid over-revving your car’s engine, take care to avoid overworking your air conditioner. If the weather is nice at night, open up the windows to let the cool air in to give your AC unit a rest.

Make Sure You Change the Filter

It may seem like a minor task, but by regularly changing your air filters, your unit won’t need to work as hard. One of the leading causes of air conditioning problems and poorly-performing systems is related to how often you change your AC filter. The standard industry recommendation is to change your filter every 30-60 days. Beyond the benefits of system upkeep and extending longevity, regular filter changes also help improve indoor air quality and reduce energy costs.

Clean the Air Ducts and Seal Leaks

Another important item is to make sure your air ducts are leak-free and clean. Over time, dust and other debris get caught in the ducts of your home. While this can mean poor indoor air quality, it can also lead to problems with your air conditioner. If the air can’t run freely through your system because of clogged ducts, your unit will be forced to work harder, increasing wear and tear and shortening life expectancy. If your air ducts have leaks, some of the cooled air escapes out of those leaks, which also makes your AC unit work harder than it should. Staying on top of duct cleaning and sealing practices is a commonly overlooked way to keep your air conditioner healthy.

Receive Annual AC Maintenance

Owning a highly efficient air conditioner will provide the performance you need, and it will likely run great for a few years after installation. However, after a certain point, performance will start to decline. That’s why one of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your AC system is to schedule air conditioning maintenance with a reliable AC contractor. No matter how well you manage your system’s use, wear and tear is unavoidable. Over time, parts wear out, refrigerant gets low, and components need a good cleaning. In order to keep your system working the best it can, it’s vital that you schedule a tune up every single year. Not only will your system work better for longer, but maintenance also helps reduce energy costs as well.

East Coast Mechanical Can Help Your System Last

If you’re located in the Boynton Beach, Florida or the surrounding area, be sure to call East Coast Mechanical for all of your air conditioning service needs. From important AC maintenance to emergency repairs and installations, we have the services and AC professionals you can depend on. While we focus on providing top-notch service at every turn, we also make it a priority to offer the best products at competitive prices. To ensure that your air conditioner will work effectively for many years to come, make an appointment with us today!

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