These Five HVAC Sounds Can Mean Trouble

Are there strange sounds coming from your home’s HVAC system? In some cases, these sounds can indicate there’s a problem with your unit. Most systems will make a slight click during operation, and this is entirely normal. If you hear any other type of sound, you will want to call out a professional service company. Here are some sounds you never want to hear from your HVAC system.


Loud banging noises can be a sign of a bad motor. When components get loose in the motor, you might even hear a rattling sound. Big banging sounds are often a sign of a broken component. When you hear a loud banging in your Boynton Beach home, you will want to contact East Coast Mechanical, Inc. for a full-point inspection.


During normal operation, your HVAC system will make a slight clicking sound. This sound is completely normal to hear. If you are hearing rapid or continuously clicking noises, however, you will want to have the unit inspected. In some cases, the relay or compressor is faulty and needs to be replaced.


A bad belt in your unit often causes screeching noises. These belts can easily be fixed by installing a new one. You will want to replace the belt as soon as possible. If you wait to fix the issues, the belt can break and cause your motor to stop working. An unlubricated part will also screech in your unit. A little oil can stop the screeching sounds.


Rattling sounds are not something you want to hear from your HVAC system. If your compressor is making rattling noises, you will want someone to inspect your motor. This sound means your motor is failing. A trained technician should inspect any rattling noises.


This sound is similar to a card stuck in the spokes of a bicycle. When you hear it, something is hitting your blower blades or is stuck in the vents. You will want to remove any foreign objects to stop the thwapping sound.

If you hear any of these sounds, it is time to call a professional HVAC company. We have trained technicians that can inspect your whole HVAC system. In the Boynton Beach area, call East Coast Mechanical, Inc. to schedule a home visit today. We also offer plumbing, electrical, and home warranty services.

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