The Benefits of a UV Light in Your HVAC System

Your HVAC has a big job. It releases heated or cooled air into and throughout your home, circulating other air outside. Most HVAC units are outdoors or tucked away in garages, basements, closets, and utility rooms – maybe a combination of those places.

We usually have no idea what type of dust, bacteria, mold, etc., flow through the units and thus filter into our homes. Luckily, check systems are in place, and options for adequately maintaining and benefiting your HVAC unit to ensure the air it filters in is of the best quality possible.

UV light in your HVAC system provides many benefits you might not be aware of. For example, UV light improves the air in the home but also offers energy-efficient relief in your home.

Let’s break down the various benefits of a UV light in your HVAC.

UV Light in Your HVAC System Makes a Difference

  1. Kills viruses, bacteria, and germs in the air. The UV light cleans the unit, reducing or eliminating harmful viruses and bacteria that could otherwise work their way into your home. In turn, illness in your home could see a significant reduction.
  2. Kills mold and other various allergens. The UV light works to clean the coils of your HVAC system, which reduces the bacteria, fungi, dust, and pollens that build up in your coils. Again, UV acts as a cleaning agent to help eliminate mold and allergens. Chances are, you don’t even realize how your HVAC unit could be contributing to your allergies.
  3. Reduces smells and odors. You know those odors you get when you first turn on the heat or the air? Those odors are from build-up within the system. Because of the favorable cleaning properties of the UV light, these odors could potentially go away, or at least be very minimal.
  4. Removes VOCs. VOCs, also known as volatile organic compounds, are hazardous chemical compounds that can be emitted from your HVAC system (among other things). VOCs can lead to headaches, nausea, and eye, throat, or nose irritation.
  5. Additionally, if VOCs are not caught and brought under control, they can damage your kidneys, liver, and nervous system. The UV in your HVAC system can eliminate VOCs, saving you from health problems.
  6. Maintains a cleaner HVAC unit. The UV rays within your HVAC system are a natural cleaning system. Utilizing the UV light option can help keep your HVAC system clean, eliminating airborne pathogens and providing you with a clean, well-maintained system.
  7. Lowers energy costs. The U/V light cleans your system, allowing it to function at a higher capacity, reducing the energy required for optimal output. This, in turn, will lead to reduced energy costs for your home.
  8. Increases airflow. Having a clean unit will make the airflow more intense and more accurate. This will allow your unit to run better and emit improved air at a better flow rate into your home.

You won’t be sorry you tried out a UV light within your HVAC. The benefits speak for themselves.



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