These Are Signs Your AC Motor Needs Repairs

3 Signs Your AC Motor Needs Repairing

It seems to be a fact of life that air conditioning problems don’t occur at convenient times. In fact, it’s usually the hottest days that push an old AC into finally breaking down. We don’t want you to suffer in a sweltering home! Our team here at East Coast Mechanical, Inc. is here to make …

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Rain Damage and Your HVAC System

Your air conditioner condenser is the exterior component of your HVAC system. Because it is an external component, the condenser is typically constructed with tough climate-safe materials. Nevertheless, condensers may be harmed by the substantial downpours that can take place during months with higher temperatures. Protecting Your AC From Rain and Storm Damage There are …

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Why is Your AC Frozen? Find Out Here!

Preparing Your Boynton Beach Home for a Scorching Spring!

Our certified AC technicians at East Coast Mechanical Inc. (ECM) suggest that in the spring and fall of each calendar year, Coral Springs homeowners have preventative AC maintenance performed on their HVAC units. During this necessary session, the AC technician will look for things that could cause mechanical failures during the upcoming seasons.

Things like worn out belts, blower motors in bad repair and clogged filters are on the top of the list. Many people don’t realize that their units need to be serviced. Think of it like a car. A vehicle that is never maintained will eventually fail to run. What if you never changed the oil in your car? The same philosophy is used for the units and their need for maintenance.

When the heat is sweltering outside, you want your unit to keep your home and your family cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, when AC season is in full swing, ECM often receives calls that a unit has frozen, or developed ice on the outside. A frozen unit can cause a lot of problems, and there is a danger of messing up the condenser and other parts. If you see ice on the outside of your AC unit, turn it off and call ECM to schedule an appointment with one of our certified AC technicians at 561-585-9850 today.

5 Common Reasons Why Your AC Unit Will Freeze Up

Dirty Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils are imperative for the operation of your HVAC unit. If you haven’t had a preventative maintenance session, the dirt will collect on these coils and cause major headaches. A dirty evaporator can happen for several reasons.

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