Smart Home Technology

Technology has been providing us comfort, convenience, and advantages in almost every aspect of  life. It has been aiding life in its complexities, making life more livable and more efficient. From smartphones to AI, technology never fails to surprise us with its  adaptability and fluidity.

One of the fruits of technological adaptation is smart home technology. Smart home technology values fluid accessibility, convenience, and automation. It is a product of technology designed to increase productivity at home while being efficient.  It grants easier ways of controlling devices at home. One feature that makes smart home technology a stand-out is voice automation. One can give commands easily and changes  happen in seconds.

Advantages of Smart Home Technology

Smartphone connectivity is by far the most prominent advantage of smart home technology. This connection guarantees an increase in work productivity. On a normal day, you can  adjust the cycle of the laundry and  the temperature, all while simultaneously having a videoconference.  You can also cool your room  without having to physically adjust the thermostat. All are possible with just a few taps on your smartphone.

Smart home technology also allows homeowners to have improved appliance functionality. Meaning, appliances will run more efficiently than any regular appliance. A smart TV, for example, can provide suggestions on which videos to watch based on your search history. If you are worried about burning your turkey for thanksgiving, a smart oven can do the job. It guarantees a perfectly roasted turkey without worries.

Worried about security at night? Do not fret. Smart home technology’s got you covered. Incorporating smart home technology with security and surveillance is a great idea. With just a few adjustments on your smartphone, you can improve your security at night. You can even set the time for locking your doors.

If the energy bill is what scares you, smart home technology is the solution. Smart home technology gives homeowners the liberty to automate and regulate the time in every connected appliance. For example, you can regulate the time for cooling your bedroom. Another feature  is the lighting. You can turn bright lights into hazy dim lights at night. With these features, you can expect a significant decrease in your energy consumption.


One of the most common disadvantages of smart home technology is Wi-Fi connectivity. Since smart home technology is 90% driven by Wi-Fi, the technology becomes disadvantageous once connectivity issues arise. As a result, Wi-Fi dependency is an issue with this kind of technology.

Moreover,  price may be another issue. Smart home technology can cost a lot. The unit alone   is expensive. Installation is another issue. It can cost up to thousands to have it installed. It is a delicate technological advancement. It needs careful tending.

Dependency is another drawback. People with this tend to be more overly reliant on it. If a problem arises with the, some people actually  feel helpless and incapable of carrying out their daily activities.

Smart technology brings a fair amount of advantages and disadvantages. However, it depends on the individual using the  it. Although technology can improve daily living, it can eventually get in the way when used incessantly.

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