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With 127 trucks on the road and ready for a quick response, our expert technicians are ready to provide you with same-day emergency service when you need it. Our expert technicians will diagnose and solve any issues you may be experiencing with your heating and cooling system the very same day. We’ll even do it at the most competitive prices around – just visit our coupons page to see the ways you can save!

Want a second opinion on your A/C In Boca Raton? It’s Free!

Show us a written estimate from any competitor and we’ll provide you with a free no obligation total system diagnostic. Click here to visit our reviews page and see what our satisfied customers have said about our work.

Does Your Cooling System In Boca Raton Need Repairs?

Boca Raton Air Conditioning

If your A/C unit hasn’t been performing as efficiently as it once did, it’s time to call in the professionals at East Coast Mechanical, (ECM) to solve the issue and, get your cooling system functioning properly again. Our highly trained and certified technicians will take the time to properly diagnose your system to find any underlying issues that may be present, ensuring that your unit is repaired properly the first time around.

Furthermore, we understand that not everyone has the same budget, which is why we offer a variety of financing options to meet your needs. We also provide free in-home estimates so that you know exactly what to expect before any work is even started.

Our professional technicians are available 24/7 with the right tools, the right parts, and the right equipment to solve your problem quickly and expertly with the least amount of downtime and at the right price. If any of the following symptoms of a poorly-functioning system sound familiar, then it’s time to give ECM a call.

  • A/C runs all the time
  • A/C running inconsistently
  • Air feels muggy, with high humidity
  • Musty odor coming from vents
  • High electric bills
  • Dust coming out of the vents when the A/C is on
  • Air Handler sweating externally
  • Black substance on the exterior of the air handler
  • Frozen evaporator coil

Is the Issue with Your Evaporator Coil?

If you’ve been experiencing any of the above symptoms, it may be due to a dirty evaporator coil that is impacted and plugged with dirt, bacteria, and fungus build-up on the fins and therefore restricting the airflow needed for proper cooling and dehumidification of your air conditioning system. As your A/C ages, the evaporator coil is often the first to show signs of aging, like rust and corrosion. So it’s important to provide regular air conditioning maintenance and coil cleaning when necessary. Your evaporator coil is exposed to the air, which is filled with dust, bacteria, debris, and other irritants and pollutants which will clog your evaporator coil over time.

Replace That Old R-22 System – Time Is Running Out!

Old R-22 systems are reaching their final phase-out protocol by the E.P.A. and soon Freon R-22 will not be affordable. R-22 prices continue to escalate as R-22 production is reduced each year. If you have an A/C system that is 10 years or older it needs to be replaced. Replacing your old obsolete system will save you a ton of money on lower electric bills. So if your unit is approaching this milestone, or is breaking down frequently and requiring repairs more and more often, it’s time to think about replacing your system.

Free Home Survey & Energy Analysis Boca Raton

Before you purchase, an air conditioning system from anyone, please give us a call!
ECM will perform a FREE Home Inspection Survey that will allow us to design the most energy-efficient system possible for your home based on Manufacturer’s required specifications. ECM will also perform a free heat load calculation to determine the actual and correct size of air conditioner needed to cool your home effectively and efficiently. Plus, ECM will perform a free in attic ductwork inspection!

ECM will identify all airflow deficiencies within your current duct system and offer you a solution to correct any airflow deficiencies in your duct system or to any hot room in your home. ECM will design a high-performance air conditioning system at the least cost possible. Let us provide you with a real education in air conditioning.



There is a 68% chance of major systems breaking down in your home this year! Let ECM protect you.

Let Us Help

East Coast Mechanical (ECM) is dedicated to helping the residents and businesses in Boca Raton solve all of their heating and cooling issues the first time. Call us today at (561) 585-9850 for expert, dependable service that can trust and totally count on no matter what!

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