Is it Safe to Keep My AC Thermostat at 69 Degrees?

Florida humidity can be a rough environment to tolerate. It is quite difficult to determine what AC thermostat temperature is the best setting for your home. You don’t want your system to freeze up or break because it’s being pushed too hard.

In the heat and humidity of a Florida summer, it’s important to be mindful of your set temperatures on your thermostat and how it could affect your AC unit. It’s also important to consider there may be alternative options that would help keep your home cooler and take some of the pressure off of your air conditioner system.

How Low Should You Go?

Your air conditioner works most optimally when it is set around 76 degrees. This is typically a comfortable temperature and will not push your unit over its limits. You could easily set it within a few degrees of that number and not worry about breaking your AC unit.

We recommend when you are not going to be home that you bump your thermostat up to give it a break and save you on energy costs. Turning your AC to 69 degrees is getting relatively close to the “danger zone” for causing it to freeze up and break.

Typically, we recommend that you keep your thermostat set to no less than 68 degrees. Since 69 is above that temperature, it would most likely be safe. At this point, it becomes a matter of how comfortable you are with being so close to the recommended limit.

Be sure to have your air unit properly maintained for ultimate functionality. Consider turning your temperature up higher throughout the day and bumping it down a few degrees in the evening to cool your home down. This will help it not have to run so heavily and also keep it away from the level of condensation build-up that could cause it to break.

Do I Have Other Options?

Florida’s summer humidity levels make it hard for units to keep up with the temperatures. They may cause homes to feel hot and muggy even when they are cooling properly. Reducing the humidity level in your home could help your unit cool more efficiently as well.

  • Try adding or utilizing ventilation fans in places such as your bathroom and kitchen. These fans can circulate air and will pull some of the humidity out of the air in your home. They act as an air filter within the home.
  • Run ceiling fans and standing fans throughout your home to better circulate air.
  • Invest in a dehumidifier to help reduce humidity levels, which will lead to better functionality and overall more comfortable temperatures within the home.
  • Try using fewer heat sources in the home – avoid using the stove or boiling water, air dry your laundry, reduce your shower times and use cooler water.

Overall, be mindful of how the humidity affects your temperature. Also, work to reduce the humidity rather than continuously lowering the temperature on your thermostat.

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