Is an air conditioner also an air purifier

Although both are meant to help you achieve comfortable indoor air, air conditioners and air purifiers are not the same. They have different systems that serve different purposes. A home might need an air conditioner but not an air purifier, or vice versa.

The Purpose

The main purpose of an air conditioner is to cool down the indoor air. Meanwhile, an air purifier works to remove pollutants from the indoor air. AC units usually have filtration systems that can capture particulates or any other type of air pollutant.

However, its ability to clean the air is still far behind that of an air purifier. Meanwhile, air purifiers are not able to control the air temperature. It serves no other purpose than removing pollutants and neutralizing odors.

Besides that, AC units also help remove excess moisture from the air to some extent. But if you have a serious humidity issue with your indoor air, relying on your AC will not be enough. You need an air dehumidifier for such purposes.

The System

Air conditioners strip the excess heat from your indoor air while also removing the excess moisture from it. The chilled air is then blown back into the room. But before it comes out of the AC unit, the air passes through a filtration system to capture the pollutants in it.

Some AC models may have more advanced filtration systems, which may be enough to keep your indoor air clean if you don’t have many pollutants flowing around your house.

On the other hand, air purifiers do not condition the temperature or humidity. The purifying system may vary from one model to another, but in general, air purifiers work only to remove pollutants in the system that are significantly more advanced than the filtration system built into AC units.

Which One Do You Need?

You need an air conditioner if it feels too hot inside your home. This appliance is most beneficial in tropical climates or during summer months in other climates. They may have some purifying and dehumidifying features. Even so, air conditioners are not recommended if your main concern is high moisture levels or polluted air.

On the other hand, air purifiers are known to be effective in improving indoor air quality. However, not everyone needs it in their home. Counting on the filtration system of your AC unit might be sufficient, unless:

1. The ventilation system in your home does not allow for proper air circulation
2. Your indoor air feels stuffy and stale most of the time, even after you have tried to improve air circulation
3. Your family has respiratory issues or allergies
4. Your home often has odors or fumes
5. It doesn’t feel comfortable to breathe inside your home

If you have serious concerns about both the temperature and cleanliness of your indoor air, you can have both systems installed. If both work at the same time, they may benefit each other while creating the most comfortable possible indoor air for your family.

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