How Ultraviolet Energy Actually Benefits You

Lately, we are seeing more HVAC products that come with built-in ultraviolet lights. You can even get a separate UV lamp at an affordable price to install in your existing HVAC system. But, how exactly does the ultraviolet energy affect an HVAC system?

How Ultraviolet Energy Works

The type of UV light used for HVAC is UV-C, which has short wavelengths. When exposed to living cells, the light will damage them right away. In an HVAC system, ultraviolet energy works to kill pathogenic pollutants that are present in the indoor air, such as viruses, bacteria, pollen, etc.

Ultraviolet Energy for Better Air Quality

Generally speaking, incorporating UV light in an HVAC system may improve indoor air quality in many ways. Without ultraviolet light, regular HVAC systems can only capture pathogens with the AC filters. Those pathogens are trapped there, but they stay active.

This leads to problems because eventually, those pollutants will build up. Some will get blown back out into the room. Plus, many pathogens are so small that they can pass through the filter’s pores. When inhaled, they may lead to various health issues such as allergies, viral diseases, and respiratory problems.


Ultraviolet energy can destroy the cells, inactivating the viruses. Thus, there will be significantly fewer pathogens in your indoor air. The UV-C light can also resolve the issue of microscopic pathogens that regular filters can’t capture. Studies have found that an HVAC system with a built-in UV-C lamp can significantly improve overall health by delivering better indoor air quality.

Even more than that, UV technology can also eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These are airborne particles that cause a bad smell in the air. VOCs in a property usually come from tobacco products, cleaning chemicals, or personal aerosol-based cosmetics such as hairsprays and perfumes. Therefore, having ultraviolet energy inside your HVAC system will minimize the risk of bad odors indoors.

For Better Machine Performance

Besides being beneficial in terms of indoor air quality and our health in general, ultraviolet energy will also help our HVAC system itself. Overall, it allows the machine to keep running at prime performance.

Pollutants may build up not only on the filters but also on the coils and other parts of the machine. The buildup may block the airflow, which then forces the machine to work harder. In the short term, this situation may cause unstable air delivery, insufficient cooling, and a spike in energy consumption. In the long term, your AC unit will be more prone to breakdowns and wear and tear.

With ultraviolet energy destroying pathogens, there will be significantly less buildup in the system. Thus, your HVAC will work optimally every day and be less prone to overheating. Also, you won’t need to worry much about an unexpected spike in your energy bill.

Having ultraviolet energy empowering your HVAC system is a good idea. However, be careful when handling it. Direct exposure to UV light, even for just a few seconds, can be harmful. Make sure to turn it off before exposing yourself to it.



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