How to Prolong the Life of Your Washer and Dryer

Different washers and dryers come with various prices and specifications. Generally, the more advanced and efficient they are, the more expensive they are. Even if they are expensive, considering all the benefits we can get from these two machines, they are worth it to buy. To make them even more worth their price, try these tips to prolong the life of your washer or dryer.

  1. Level It Right

This is not just for neat-freaks. Putting your machine on the right level does have an affect on its lifespan. This is because when it spins, the unit shakes heavily. An unlevel machine will shake even harder, and therefore increase the risk of damage.

  1. Do Not Overload

If you check the manual for your machine, you will notice that the manufacturer recommends a maximum capacity. Most of the time you will find that the drum looks like it can still fit more clothes than is recommended. While it is true that you can stuff more clothes inside it, doing so will make the machine work extra hard, which will shorten its lifespan. Besides, your clothes will not be optimally cleaned or dried if the machine is too full.

  1. Enough Detergent is Enough

Some people think that the more detergent they use, the cleaner their clothes will be. Actually, it is the opposite. Excessive detergent will leave residue on the clothes, which makes them more fragile to break out. It is also bad for the washing machine because it needs to work harder to handle the extra suds. Just use the proper amount of detergent as recommended by the brand.

  1. Wash Your Washer

Just because you use it to wash clothes doesn’t mean your washer is washing itself as well. Your washing tub could have detergent residue and dampness, which could lead to mold. The easiest way to wash your washing machine is by turning it on a washing cycle with a cup of bleach on the highest setting and hottest water. Do this every 50 loads, or about once a month.

  1. Wash Your Dryer Too

Yes, your dryer needs regular washing too. First and most importantly, you need to clean up the lint trap. Then, vacuum and wipe out both the lint trap and the drum.

  1. Check for Hose Leaks

Both the water hose on your washer and the exhaust hose on your dryer have the risk of leaks, which sometimes starts with blisters. A water hose leak can lead to rupture and flooding around your washing area. The water could also get inside the machine and cause more serious damage. Meanwhile, the leaks in the exhaust hose of your dryer could affect energy consumption and overheat the machine.

  1. Leave the Lid Open for a While after Using

Once you are done using your machine, leave the lid open for a while. Leaving the lid closed right after use will leave moisture inside the drum, which could lead to mold and bad odors. The lid doesn’t need to always be open. Just leave it open between loads or for a few minutes after use, until it is no longer humid on the inside.


According to statistics, the average American family does about 8-10 loads of laundry per week. And approximately 80% of them use a dryer machine to finish it off. Unfortunately, most of them have no idea how to treat their machines right. Do not be one of those people. Take good care of your washer and dryer so that they last longer and continue to do their job well.

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