How a UV Air Purifier Works

Every day, people run into the risk of contracting harmful diseases by breathing in pollutants in the comfort of their own homes, and not having enough methods to ventilate and purify the area. Air pollution, known to be one of the biggest threats to both the environment and people, has given rise to the deaths of about 7 million annually.

In the Southeast Asia and Western Pacific regions alone, 2.6 million annual deaths are linked to outdoor air pollution. However, its consequences do not end there.

An equally, if not more pressing, problem is the increasing risk of indoor air pollution. In fact, it is the leading risk factor for premature death, accounting for 1.6 million deaths each year.

The steady increase of the ramifications of indoor air pollution has made it an area of concern in the 21st century. To try to alleviate and counter its consequences, researchers have introduced the use of UV (ultraviolet) light air purifiers.

How They Work

What is a UV light air purifier anyway? These purifiers make use of UV radiation emitted by UV-C light that kills microorganisms like bacteria, mold, and viruses.

As air passes through the device, it disinfects it by means of germicidal irradiation after passing through UV lamps. Just like any other purifier, its main objective is to reduce or completely remove indoor air pollutants. In the past two decades, the use of UV light has gained enough popularity for it to be regularized in residential and commercial applications.

Benefits of a UV Light Air Purifier

That being said, UV light air purifiers have five notable benefits:

• Eliminates odors

A significant number of UV light purifiers have an active carbon filter. In essence, this filter will trap organic compounds found in the air, which are responsible for bad odors. These purifiers are also capable of eliminating the smell of tobacco, food, and moisture.

• Cleaning auxiliaries

Most of the time, when people clean, they merely displace dust particles. Often, after sweeping or mopping an area, it takes just a few minutes for the dust to once again settle on the floor or on the shelves. These purifiers will constantly purify air, making it a wonderful aid in cleaning.

• Mold prevention

Mold multiplies in humid conditions and often prompts allergies or asthma attacks. The HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters of these purifiers are responsible for capturing and removing mold spores in the environment.

• Healthier environment

Ultimately, UV light air purifiers are used to reduce indoor air pollution by killing allergens and harmful microorganisms. This ensures higher-quality air — enough to keep people safe from various respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

• Reduced utility bills

A noteworthy characteristic of a UV light purifier is that it helps keep particles from building up in your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) unit. In some cases, these purifiers are bound to the interior of the HVAC system to ensure consistent and regular airflow. However, even if you use one of these purifiers, regular AC checkups by professionals are still highly recommended.

People are said to spend 90% of their time in both private and public indoor environments, making the risk of indoor air pollution much higher. Over time, your AC unit may be clogged with pollutants and microorganisms, which prevent it from working efficiently and harm those who are in its vicinity.

Regular checkups prevent this from happening and keep your AC unit from being damaged well beyond repair. Often, people have their AC unit checked only when it starts malfunctioning, and by then, it is usually much too late.

Checkups help keep air conditioners working at their optimal capacity. The blades, cooling coils, and other components are usually inspected by HVAC professionals, which helps keep the unit running smoothly. It is, therefore, wiser to invest in maintenance. Note that repairing and replacing the unit due to neglect will always be more costly than having it regularly checked.

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