How Can Your Home’s Temperature Affect Your Sleep?

We all know sleep is necessary for functioning and living a healthy life. Getting quality sleep is vital! But with the hectic lives we live, getting enough (and good quality) sleep becomes tough to manage. Have you ever wondered if temperature can affect your sleep? In this post, we’ll dive into the effects of temperature and the many ways to stay more comfortable when your head hits the pillow.

Keep Your Cool

Studies show that your body temperature has a direct effect on the quality of sleep you’ll get at night. In order to get quality rest for a whole night without interruptions, your body should be at a cool 65-72 degrees. Given the high price of energy usage and the hot summer, maintaining this indoor temperature range can be difficult. Even with strategies like utilizing fans, taking a cold shower, or sleeping with a cold washcloth on your face, but it’s still a challenge staying at a cool temperature. You might even consider moving your bed as close to the vent as possible to maximize nightly coolness. Sometimes it’s the simplest solutions that work best, and if you make an effort to stay at cool while sleeping, you will likely feel more rested during the day. If you don’t already know what temperature you feel most comfortable at (most of us do), consider trying out different thermostat settings until you find one you’re comfortable with. If you can find a balance of a temperature setting than won’t break the bank while imploring other strategies to cool off at night, you’re likely to improve your sleep quality night after night.

It’s All About the Temperature Change

You may be asking yourself, “Why does temperature affect my quality of sleep?” Aside from personal preferences, there’s a science to sleep. Scientists have proven that our bodies rest more easily at cool temperatures. When we sleep, our bodies act like a thermostat — trying to achieve a certain body temperature. Once we hit the ideal temperature, we are able to rest comfortably. If we warm up too much, we wake up —causing repeated interruptions in our rest. But there are ways to trick the system. Often, we can make our bodies feel cooler without adjusting our thermostat. We’ve all shed layers of clothes or tried turning over the pillow, but have you ever tried taking a warm bath or shower right before bed? Chances are, the rapid change in body temperature can give you the power to fall asleep.

More Ways to Stay Cool

While taking a warm bath before bed or sleeping in cooler clothes can put you to bed, there are many other ways to keep your body temperature low. Given the high cost of energy usage, some people can’t afford to crank down their thermostat at night. Especially in places with extremely high temperatures, lowering your thermostat to 65 degrees can mean hundreds of dollars spent on your electric bills. And for those who can only sleep at cold temperatures, that price tag can increase drastically. Therefore, there are many different ways to help lower your temperature without cranking down your thermostat. See below for additional ways to keep your cool while sleeping:

Wear Cool Clothing

For segment of the population that likes wearing fuzzy socks and thick sweatpants to bed, that might be the reason why you aren’t sleeping well. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, take a look at your clothing choices and see if that could be the culprit. Most of us are creatures of habit, and it can hard to change our nighttime rituals. If you’re still wearing your winter pajamas in the middle summer, it might be time to change your bedtime attire.

Choose a Cool Mattress

Sometimes what you’re sleeping on will take a huge toll on your body temperature. If you’ve ditched some clothes and still feel warm during the night, you might consider your mattress. A lot of mattress companies are now making models with advanced cooling technology. These mattresses allow for maximum airflow and are constructed of cool material that doesn’t warm up quickly. If you are struggling to stay cool while you sleep, investing in a new mattress could mean a more comfortable nights rest.

Pick the Right Pillows and Sheets

A more cost-effective way to lower your body temperature involves buying the right pillows and sheets. Natural fabrics are the way to go because they breath easily and wick away sweat (just like your gym clothes). Cotton is the material preferred by many, given its soft, familiar touch. You might also try bamboo, microfiber, or even silk. Just be sure to avoid high thread counts because the extra density traps heat! Yes, choosing the right summer sheets is essential to staying cool at night. Like the latest mattress technology, new age pillow designs make it easier to keep your head cool while your asleep too.

Take Care of Your Air Conditioner

If you’re looking to lower your indoor temperature with in the Boynton Beach area, get in touch with East Coast! We offer a variety of fantastic AC services that can increase the output and efficiency of your AC system. When you’re paying less for your electricity bills, it will be easier to turn your thermostat down to your cool and comfortable sleeping temperature. Contact us today!

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