The Importance of a Home Decontamination Station

Your home is your comfort zone. Your home is your safe space. Naturally, you want it clean and comfortable. It’s important to keep out the contaminants that could wreck havoc on the health of the inhabitants, most especially during a pandemic.

A home decontamination station could stop those pesky pollutants from entering your beloved abode. For the rest that have already found their way in, a thorough decontamination should solve your problem.

What Is Decontamination?

Decontamination is defined as the elimination of dangerous substances, harmful chemicals, germs, viruses, and diseases that may have been living or have entered your house. It’s vital to get rid of all these contaminants as they pose a threat to you and your family’s health. You might already be using store-bought disinfectants around the house, but it’s best to keep the unseen contaminants out with your own home decontamination station.

DIY Home Decontamination Station

There are decontamination chambers available online, but they can be quite expensive. Not to worry though; it is easy and simple to set up your own disinfection station right beside your doorstep, in order to ensure that you and your belongings are fresh and clean when you enter your home. Here are some of the best tips to keep your home squeaky clean:

  1. Use an anti-bacterial floor mat

Before stepping inside with shoes you wore outside, make sure that all the pathogens that have stuck to the soles of your shoes are washed away with a good sanitizing mat. Online tutorials can help you make one. If possible, don’t bring your shoes in at all and just store them outside.

  1. Keep hand sanitizer or alcohol outside

Before entering your home or even touching your doorknob, make sure to disinfect your hands with some hand sanitizer or alcohol. Germs can cling to metals, so you want to avoid touching them without making sure that your hands are already clean.

  1. If you’re bringing new things into the house, make sure to wipe them down

It’s also great to leave some wipes outside the house since bacteria, viruses, and other toxic chemicals can hop a ride on plastic and paper bags. It may be an extra step, but it’s an effective way to get rid of all those invisible contaminants that could make you sick.

Decontaminating Indoor Air

You may not have noticed, but the air you breathe may also be full of pollutants and pathogens that can take a toll on your health. Although your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit is equipped with an air filter that you can replace regularly, that isn’t a guarantee that it can take care of indoor air always, unless frequent checkups are made by professionals.

Scheduled Decontamination of HVACs

Because your HVAC system is responsible for the ventilation and the flow of air inside the house, it can also help toxic chemicals and germs circulate around the house, once they are already inside. Therefore, it’s important to regularly schedule inspections by professional technicians so they can check if your HVAC unit is still working effectively and making your indoor air pure and safe all the time.

Frequent decontaminations should assure you that your family’s health will not be at risk, and a home decontamination station will help greatly in this matter. As long as your items are germ-free and you’re breathing clean and safe air indoors, your home will truly be a safe haven for you and your loved ones.

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