Getting Sick from Mold in Your HVAC System

If you have mold in your HVAC system, you may be at risk of getting sick. This is because the particles can be blown along by the airflow.

Many people may not even realize that they can be getting sick from mold. Yet, they will be surprised to notice the difference once the mold has been cleaned up. 

If you think you may have a problem with mold, it’s essential to have it checked out and cleaned up as soon as possible.

How Can You Get Sick from Mold in Your HVAC System?

Mold is a severe health hazard that can cause many problems, from respiratory issues to organ damage. Suppose you suspect that your home has a mold problem.

In that case, it’s critical to have it professionally remediated as soon as possible. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should get your home’s HVAC system serviced regularly:

  • To prevent mold growth in the first place
  • To remove mold that has already started to grow
  • To improve air quality and reduce exposure to mold spores
  • To prevent health problems associated with mold exposure

How Does Mold Grow in A HVAC System?

Mold spores are tiny and easily inhaled. They can cause many health problems, including respiratory issues, headaches, fatigue, rashes, nausea, etc. If you’re already dealing with a health condition, mold exposure can worsen. In some cases, it can even be deadly.

If you suspect that you have a mold problem in your HVAC system, it’s imperative to call a professional for help. They will be able to assess the situation and determine the best course of action to get rid of the mold and improve your air quality. 

Don’t take chances with your health – call a professional if you think you have a mold problem in your home.

How to Prevent Getting Sick from Mold?

Getting sick from mold is nothing to underestimate. While there is nothing you can do to 100% prevent mold from growing, there are many things you can do to lower the risk drastically.

Some ways you can prevent getting sick from mold include:

  • Getting your AC in the right size to allow efficient operation
  • Replacing the filter on your AC at least every six months
  • Cleaning up the whole system, especially the coil, every year
  • Performing regular check-ups and clean-up every six months
  • Allowing proper air circulation in your property to prevent a humid environment
  • Investing in a humidifier, especially during the summer when the air tends to be more humid

If you think you might have mold in your house, look for signs like a musty odor that gets stronger when you turn on the AC. If you notice any of these signs, clean up the mold as soon as possible to prevent getting sick from it.



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