Enhance Indoor Air Quality

One of the ways to maintain your family’s well-being is to enhance indoor air quality in your house. The air that we breathe in may contain pollutants that can harm their health in many ways. Here are six things you can do to achieve better indoor air quality:

1. Deal with the Possible Sources

It is impossible to get rid of smoke without putting out the fire first. To improve your indoor air quality, you need to determine the sources of the air pollutants and stop them. Here are some things that may help:

● Groom your pets regularly
● Do not wear outdoor footwear indoors
● Stop using harsh chemicals for cleaning
● Choose a heating system that doesn’t rely on gas or chemical energy

2. Optimize Air Circulation

The stale air needs to go out of the house and the fresh air should enter to replace it. For this purpose, you need a proper ventilation system in your house. Here is how you can improve home ventilation for smoother air circulation:

● Make sure every room has enough windows and voids
● If possible, arrange their position to allow stack ventilation or cross ventilation
● Rooms with no possible airflow may require exhaust fans
● Install an exhaust hood above stoves and toilets to make the pollutants leave the room sooner
● Change the filters on your AC unit regularly

3. Clean Up

Indoor air pollutants sometimes come from surfaces like floors or furniture. If you don’t clean regularly, the dirt may build up and cause more pollution. On the contrary, keeping your home neat and hygienic will effectively improve your indoor air quality. The cleaning that we are talking about may include:

● Sweeping
● Mopping
● Vacuuming
● Dusting
● Wiping
● Washing curtains, bedding, and other soft surfaces

4. Boost with Artificial Systems

Air purifiers can capture indoor air pollutants and deliver cleaner air back to the room. Even so, an air purifier should be used as a last resort. Installing an air purifier without making any other efforts to improve your indoor air quality will put too much pressure on the system. Besides an air purifier, you can also get a humidifier and dehumidifier to control the moisture level of your indoor air.

5. Get an Air Quality Monitor

If indoor air quality is a big concern in your home, consider investing in an air quality monitor. The device can provide real-time information about the number of specific pollutants in your air as well as the temperature and humidity level. There are many types of air quality monitors that can detect different types of pollutants.

6. Pollutant Test

Get your house tested if you suspect something is wrong with your indoor air quality. DIY testing kits are an affordable solution for this. Although the number may not always be accurate, this simple test can give you an indication of what kind of pollutants to watch for. You can hire a professional service if you need more accurate testing and treatment.

The situation can be different from one house to another. Tricks that may work for other houses won’t necessarily be effective for yours. It is important to understand your residence first before determining what methods to use to improve your indoor air quality.

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